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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's All in the Print

Since I am currently in the middle of moving this post has been scheduled...yes I did wear this outfit..but it was a few weeks ago!

Dress- Zara
Belt- Ardenes
Tights- Bargain Shop
Shoes- Aldo
Ring- Self Made (Buy it Here)

When I saw this dress at Zara wanted it real bad!!...Anytime I see something in a fabulous print I want it...and so I got it!!  The one thing I regret though is that I should have tried to get a discount (I'm horrible at asking for those kinda things though) because the zipper was horribly constructed, and after I got it home I noticed a small hole in the fabric...of course home was 4 hours away from the store, so returning it was no longer an option...and even if it wasn't so far I probably would have still kept it because I LOVE the print and style SO much!!
I really wish that the green tights would have showed up better in these pictures so you could see how fabulous they look with this dress...oh well...just use your imagination!!


Jodi said...

REALLY cute dress... I bet you could find some funky fabric and copy this pattern too!!

I could see this in some really wild 60's style print... anyway.. you look awesome and I like the green tights.. I bought a pair the same color and havent worn them yet so thanks for the idea.. I can wear them with a cute dress like this!!

happy moving!!

Snappy-Q said...

oooh, I love this dress! It is so fun and totally suits you.

I hope that the move is going smoothly (and that the shopping is succesful!).

Kassandra said...

The dress suits you to a t! Yeah its weird the tights look black, but I can imagine the green! Hope moving is going good!

Elizabeth said...

The print on this dress is too too perfect! As are the shoes, belt, and ring. The whole thing makes me smile. Seriously, I'm grinning right now.

And good luck with the move! I hope that it's going smoothly and relatively painlessly. Moving is just about my least favorite activity ever.


Brianna said...

So glad you got this dress as you looked absolutely gorgeous in it! Also love how you styled it up!

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Wow, that dress is amazing. I love Zara clothes (even though they don't fit me very well - I'm too short for them most of the time).

M & Em said...

I love the dress! I want one exactly like it! You have great style.