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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just Sock It

Why did the dog have to be in the only good shot I had of my socks??

Knit Vest- Kohls
Dress- H&M
Tights- Old Navy
OTK Socks- Target
Belt- Ardenes
Shoes- Aldo

I have been wanting to wear my OTK socks for awhile, but wasn't brave enough to wear them barelegged...well it doesn't help when it's too cold out to wear them barelegged either...then maybe I would think about it (just not with this dress tho, or I would risk exposing WAY too much!).
Did you know that I used to think grey and brown/cognac didn't "go"...ugh..what was I thinking?? It's a perfect combination....there are so many wonderful colour combos that I would have never tried a year ago, and am now suddenly loving.  Can you relate? Or was I the only one stuck in a bubble? hehe

PS.  Get used to this's my new (very much in need of paint) deck that I will likely be taking alot of my outfit pictures on since I'm too lazy to search town for nice picture spots...ok that's not entirely the truth..the real truth is that with a toddler it's not practical to be leaving the house to take pictures...especially now that the weather is cold.

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Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

What a pretty view! I like this outfit lots and lots! And yes... I think if you wore this around there bare legged you'd be thought of as some sort of street walker... or at least in a small town that would be the rumor! lol.

Thanks for advertising my give-away!!

KellyAnn said...

I love this outfit~!!!! classy but stylish and well put together. OTK socks and tights - super cute! I like your color combination of earth tones, too

Kristy said...

Sorry for missing a lot of your posts!:(

I'll start with this one: I LOVE IT! The colors, the layers, the boots!!! This is a perfect fall outfit. I like to layer my tights with otk socks too. Wearing the socks by themselves makes me feel so self-conscious!! :(

406 Olivia said...

You already know I love gray/cognac together. And as you may have suspected, these boots are giving me a shoe fetish! So cute, plus they seem really wearable and comfy. LOVE!


Brianna said...

Its always fun to expand your horizens, it makes life interesting! I love how you've worn the OTK socks, its fabulous!

Marie a la Mode said...

I love how you styled this! And the socks look great : )

Snappy-Q said...

Oh, look at that pretty new view! It looks great, even with the unpainted deck! I don't envy you that job, decks are not fun to paint.
I love the socks over the tights, I may have to try that this winter.
And yes, I used to not put brown and black, navy and black, different shades of brown together... because they "didn't go".

Elizabeth said...

1. The dog totally adds to the picture!

2. Heading to Target right now!


Daphne said...

Catching up on some past blog reading. Can relate to you on all levels: 1. yes I also never used these colors together before blogging. So weird is that I even mentioned the same thing in post tonight before reading this.
2. yes it is so not practical not only to travel to places to take photos but also to take the photos anywhere but home where they could be running around and getting into trouble as you pose in front of your tripod.
Great outfit. Love the belt over chunky vest and the socks are so trendy.