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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Leather Overkill

Leather Jacket- Zellers
Top- Joe Fresh
Scarf- TJ Maxx
Jeans- Gap
Boots- SteveMadden
Purse- Winners

This is what I wore to watch my Hubbys young cousin play hockey at the local arena...whenever I wear basic outfits I like for there to be at least something interesting to the outfit.  That being the floral scarf...otherwise this outfit would have been a little too tough looking (leather jacket, studded leather purse, and tall leather boots)...perhaps even close to leather overkill (no pun intended..haha..ok that's horrible..).
I really need to start taking outfit photos earlier in the day...apparently in the winter it gets dark at 4:00pm....and it takes forever to get light in the morning as well....ugh...why did I move up north?

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Snappy-Q said...

OK, that was a terrible pun... but I love terrible puns!
You look really tough here, I like it.

Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

I love those boots! I'm so glad you bought them! I wish I had a pair!

L ~DIY Diva~ said...

as soom as i read your title i thought it was pun...funny!

i love those boots and the striped shirt makes it interesting as well.

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Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Love the scarf with the stripes.

406 Olivia said...

Why do you have so many awesome pairs of boots? No fair!!!

Love the floral/stripes/leather mix.


Natalya's Closet said...

I love those over-the-knee flat boots, so chic! XOXO, Natalya's Closet

Jodi said...

Oh the boots.. totally hot!! you look awesome.. glad you get to go out and dress up like this!! man I love those boots!!!

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myedit said...

Good call on the floral scarf!
Thank you so much for your comment yesterday... I read it and wanted to kiss you because it is exactly how I feel. I like the creative part of sewing but the actual time behind the machne crying because a seam won't pucker can be torture...

Daphne said...

very biker chic but feminine.

Midwest Mayhem said...

Your scarf is absolutely gorgeous, the colors are so pretty!