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Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Version of Camo

Since I am currently in the middle of moving this post has been scheduled...yes I did wear this outfit..but it was a few weeks ago!

Cardi- Winners
T-Shirt- Walmart
Belt- Target
Skirt- DIY
Boots- Spring
Necklace- Reitmans

The print on my skirt almost blends in with the bushes in the background of these pictures....and isn't that the point of camouflage?  So I'm thinking that since my hubby loves to hunt, and when he hunts he wears camo...that I should be making him some hunting gear out of fabulous leaf/floral prints (or I could just lend him my skirt)...because in all honesty it fits in with nature a lot more that blobs of greens and browns.  I could also lend him these boots...don't they look perfect for trekking around in the woods? Ok maybe minus the heel.
I noticed I got a few comments from you guys on these boots last time I wore I thought I should let you know that I SO LOVE them...and they are seriously some of the most comfortable shoes I to all those of you who have contemplated buying them I highly reccommend them!!!


Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

I love the skirt! Actually I love the whole outfit! The sleeves poking out of your sweater! Very put together!

406 Olivia said...

This look is super cute, cozy AND chic. About all your gorgeous maxis, how will wear them once it snows? Are you going to create some Natash-tastic bustle or what? I vote yes.


Jennifer Vance said...

I love that outfit!One of the best I've seen around. :)

Ashley McConnell said...

Great skirt length on you! Very chic.
Oh vey! i totally forgot about that contest...I stopped checking back on it...oh well, I wonder who won it?

Anyways, love the outfit. Thanks for stopping by!

sophiasa said...

I truly love how you layer your tops. You always look so comfy and pulled together:) THAT SKIRT is gorgeous!! Your hubby should want to borrow it hehehe:)
Hope your move is going smoothly!

Erbeertörtchen said...

the cardigan and teh boots are soo cool :)

Daphne said...

very pretty and so true that if it blends it is camo.