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Monday, October 25, 2010


Sweater: Ross
Shirt- Costco
Pants- H&M
Boots- Aldo

I was quite lazy when I took these pictures...I balanced my camera on the BBQ...a few pictures in I BROKE my camera...the camera that I just bought a few months silly of me.  *Note to self, DON'T be so freakin lazy...just set up that silly trip-pod of yours that only takes an extra minute of your time!!!*
Now onto the outfit.  Brody informed me he didn't like these pants...I just ignored him...actually that's not true...because I bugged him about it all day...and kept them on all day...and still plan to wear them another day..haha. I do have a slight issue with these pants tho...they are way too lightweight for this cold Northern weather...perhaps I'll have to try layering tights under them, because to Brodys dismay I quite like these greige (grey/beige) pants.


406 Olivia said...

I'm with you: those greige skinnies are versatile and super cute. What do boys know?

Kastles said...

I like those pants too! hahaha. Its funny when boys don't like things we wear. Are you going to get snow where you are? It snowed all last night and all day today :( not ready for it yet.

Daphne said...

Why didn't he like them. They look great on you. Love the wedge boots too. My husband always comes up with funny names for my outfits. I do same as you 'ignore'... :)

Jodi said...

I have learned that fiancé has no idea what he is talking about fashion-wise. He told me my outfit on Saturday was kindof like haloween but when we were out I got tons of compliments. Brody is crazy cuz those pants look really good on you!! I can only imagine how cold it must be up there!! Do you knit? May a new hobby if not;)

Collette Osuna said...

You look GREAT those pants...sorry about the camera:(

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Kelly said...

I love the pants - and the shoes! What do boys know :)

Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

Haha since when did Brody become a fashion guru?!?! I'm pretty sure I know exactly what kind of clothes he wears, so in my opinion... he has no place to talk about fashion! (Sorry Brod..)

As for the pants, I actually like them despite the "skinny" look, because we all know how I feel about that (or we all do now)! I'm just glad that I did not catch a 14 year old boy running around in these... and you know the kind of boys I'm talking about, the ones going for the whole "emo" look! More like "em-ewww".... blah!

Oh... and 61 followers! I'd say your the next Oprah, only white!!

Love your pretty face! Pinch those cute cheeks of my adorable niece for me would ya! And I'd appreciate some new pictures of the little monster on here one of these days! Thank You! xoxo

Anyways, now that I've written a story I think I should go put some of my creativity to my own blog!

Melrose said...

I agree!!! I love those pants, and they're the perfect skinnies for those boots!

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Oh no, your poor camera. You look great though - I love those trousers and the boots. Tell your other half to get glasses. ;-)

Brianna said...

Love those pants and those boots. Gah, I need some new booties so bad!