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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Painted Face Shirt DIY

I've been noticing a lot of longer shirts that are worn loose and have interesting screened art on them....I had a package of 3 white mens undershirts waiting to be DIYed, and this was the perfect project for them.

Materials and Supplies
-Large (I used a men sized Large) white t-shirt
-Black Fabric Paint (found mine at the dollar store)
-Paint Brushes (I used one with a fine tip, and a small flat one with stiff bristles)
-Fabric Glue
-Bristol Board or Cardboard
-Exacto Knife
-Cutting Mat
-Piece of cardboard that will fit in shirt body
-Sewing Machine (or Serger)
-White Thread


1.  Decide what type of picture you want on your shirt and draw it out.  I knew that I wanted to do a face, so I searched drawings online, printed a few off, and then copied a few details and drew this face.  (This is because I am HORRIBLE at drawing, so I pretty much have to copy things..haha)

2.  You want your drawing to basically consist of a bunch of lines or shapes...not a lot of detail...simplicity is key.  After I figured out my drawing I taped the paper I drew in on onto a piece of bristol board, and used my exacto knife to cut around the parts of the drawing that would be coloured in.  If you're good at drawing just draw the picture directly onto the bristol board, and then cut it out.

3.  Lay your t-shirt out flat, and cut off the neck band...I cut mine a bit boat-necked.

4.  Turn the shirt inside out and measure up approximatly 5cm (2") from the bottom seam of the sleeve up and mark this point.  Draw a curved line from this point to just below the arm pit seam.  Do this on both sleeves, and then sew along this line to take in the baggyness of the sleeve.  Trim the excess fabric.

5.  Turn the shirt so it's right sides out, and lay it flat on you surface.  Insert a piece of cardboard that is close to the same size as the body opening of the shirt.  This is so that the paint won't bleeve through to the back of the shirt.  Lay out your bristol board stencil that you made onto the front of the shirt.

6.  Use a paint brush to paint fabric paint into the stencil.  Instead of doing brush strokes, dab up and down.  Be sure to hold the stencil down firmly, I put some heavy objects on it to help hold it down.  For my face I painted in everything but the lips in this step, instead I used tailoring chalk to draw an outline of the lips for the time being.

7.  After the paint has dried a bit (doesn't take long) carefully pull of the stencil.  You may have a few areas where the lines are a bit smudged, you can either paint the lines a bit thicker to even it out, or carefully scrape at the paint with the exacto knife...just don't cute through the fabric!!

(This picture below is to show the smudged lines)

8.  Use a paint brush to paint fabric glue into the lip outline being sure to not miss any spots or go out of the lines.  Pour the glitter onto the glue being sure to cover it completely.

9.  Wait for the glue to dry, then shake off the glitter (onto something that you can pour it back into it's container/bag).  Use your fingers to "paint" another layer of fabric glue over top of the glitter.

All Done!!

For this project you do not have to make a stencil...the reason I did that was because I'm not a good free hand drawer (especially straight onto fabric)...and I wanted to be able to make more than one shirt with this design.

I really want to try this again, but instead I want to do a tiger face, and use green glitter in the cool would that look?

Another idea instead of a glitter accent would be to use small rhinestones (my original plan for the lips, but I didn't have enough)...a studded accent would also be cool.


Collette Osuna said...

Ok....enough if this...I think you should have your own TV show!!! come up with the most inventive DIY ideas!!

I love this shirt...and have seen them as high as $50 in just regular little stores by my house....awesome job hunnie!!!

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Yelena said...

That looks awesome!
I love the pink glitter lips, just the right touch of glamour!
Great DIY! :)

Jodi said...

I agree with Colette.. lets get you on TV-- Canadian style.. we need a good Canadian DIY show and YOU ARE IT.

you are so creative and always have such great stuff on here!!!

hope you are settled in the new place now!! and it must be cooollllddd up there!! :)

406 Olivia said...

LOVE! And a tiger with glittery green eyes would look fab...I'd also fancy a zebra head.

Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

I love this! Funny thing is, I sketched something like this a couple weeks ago, and I was just going to find some fabric and make the shirt so I could do an off the shoulder version of it!

Looks great!

Kelly said...

That is so cool!!
Love your blog - following now :) I'd love to be one of your Fashionable mamas! Thank you! :)

Jacinta said...

Cool idea! I've heard freezer paper is used for stencils too? I haven't tried it myself so don't know if it is any easier.
If you had a DIY show I'd hope it gets shown in Australia too! :)

Daphne said...

what a great idea. Oooh, the tiger would look so cool. You should totally do that and post as well.

ModernMom said...

Oh mu gosh you are so creative! Well done:)

Elizabeth said...

Ahh this reminds me of the good old days when I would buy small boys undershirts and attack them with fabric markers.

This post is making me think it's totally time to do an updated, souped up, better than ever version of those old shirts. :)


Kimberellie said...

How clever is this? You are talented! LOVE your ideas. Will have to try this. I'm always on the lookout for great ts!