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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Puff of Lace

Since I am currently in the middle of moving this post has been scheduled...yes I did wear this outfit..but it was a few weeks ago!

Shirt- H&M
Vest- Self Made
Necklace- DIY
Jeans- Gap
Shoes- Ross

This is a quite basic outfit, but I love how the puffed lace shoulders on this shirt add a little interest to the look.
My hair has been doing crazy things lately, which has me resorting to hair clips (and the odd up-do) which is very rare for me.  I have decided to grow my hair out again..and the process is's funny how that when you have super long hair (mine used to be a few inches from my behind) you want short hair...and when you have shorter hair you want it long again.  I do love my hair at this length...but I want to try long again...when my hair was long I had to spend ALOT of time on it to look nice...which is why eventually it kept getting shorter and shorter because then it was more manageable...but now I'm thinking if I do things differently when it's long (think ALOT of thinning and layers) it won't be so much work...and will hopefully look good...if not the scissors will come out again!

Check out my dog in this last picture...looks a little creepy hey?


Collette Osuna said...

I think you look gorgeous....I love your hair in little clips:)
The lace is beautiful....good luck on the move:)

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406 Olivia said...

Whoa...your dog is terrifying in that last shot!

And your shirt is gorgeous and I'm so glad you didn't say you made it because it would have absolutely slayed me! Another great look, Natasha!

Kassandra said...

I have the same shirt but in black! I was actually going to wear it today but it was dirty. I am also growing out my hair, it is so hard! I like the hair clips!

Brianna said...

Love that top! I understand the growing pains with the hair, its whats stopping me from chopping it off this time around!

Breea looks like a creepy little monster from a scary movie..... ha ha

Daphne said...

Love that puff shoulder lace top. Perfect little detail. I wish I could make vests like you. I haven't been able to find ones I like in stores yet. Hope your move/trip is going good.