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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Day Eighteen

Shirt- Walmart
Sweater- Winners
Scarf- H&M
Skirt- Joe Fresh
Tights- Walmart
Shoes- Sears

This skirt is the last of my 30 items to be worn.  I love everything about it...the texture, the colour and the style, but pencil skirts just don't seem that functional while chasing a little girl around...and going to get the mail (my daily outing..haha)...usually when I wear this skirt I dress up more...but without the right occasion I attempted to keep things a bit more comfortable.

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Here is a look at my last six outfits!


Jodi said...

look at you all elegant. thats a great outfit and I am loving your new photoshoot location, very nice!!!

xox J

Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

Love your new layout header thingy! You're going to have to help me with mine!

I also forgot to mention last night that the eyeliner I gave you has instructions on the cap that you should store it with the tip down! (I've had the silly stuff for awhile and just finally noticed that).... not that this pertains to your outfit... but just incase I forget to tell you!

I like the skirt! You look very classy! I'm excited for Christmas so we can go scouting for photo shoot locations! I just hope it isn't ridiculously cold out!

Jen said...

I just discovered your blog via Bye Bye Soccermom. We're neighbors! I need to add a blogroll specifically for BC because 1) There are so many great ones and 2) I love BC!

I love every one of your 30 for 30s you've featured. The yellow jacket caught my eye, then the green dolman sleeve looking one (I'm making up descriptions), then I realized, "Seriously? These are all great!" I start the challenge tomorrow and hope to create at least one stunning outfit.

I'll definitely check out your Etsy shop--after 30 for 30 :oD

Law Mama said...

This is so cute! Very glamorous.

From Suns To Moons said...

Chic outfit. You must be freezing though!

Linda W said...

Ummm...nothing homemade today? I'm disappointed.
I kid, I kid. I'm just jealous that you have anything homemade - I wish I did.
I like the new look of the blog and the look of this outfit. Very mature and elegant.

The Auspicious Life

Kimberellie said...

Natasha, I have just got to tell you, your outfits lately have been completely awesome. And your photos are also really good too! Yes, I am very impressed! And just loving your style! And that yellow jacket I am looking at right now--steal worthy.

heart: Kimberellie

Daphne said...

Very pretty. I am loving all photos in the snow. I must have missed some of your posts as I do not remember but love the one with green top and fur collar. Great pose too.

Alessandra said...

brrr, looks cold! It snowed a little here this morning and I'm also wearing purple tights today in outfit n.19. The last 6 outfits have been the best so far. All the things you make are gorgeous and so original.

angie said...

Your style is really cool! You know how tolayer and how to use color and to plesantly surprise us!

Jacinta said...

I agree with Kimberellie. The past outfits have been awesome! And so have your pics. I love today's outfit... maybe because I totally can see myself wearing it. I'm saving it for inspiration and will copy next year (when winter starts here!) ... can't believe all the snow either.. I've been to the snow once. BRRR.
Loving the new layout too Natasha. :)

Jacinta said...

ok and by "today's outfit" i mean the one in this post... day 18.
I want those shoes btw.