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Friday, November 12, 2010

Fashionable Mama: Heidi

It's that time of the week again where I get to show of another fellow "Fasionable Mama"...goodness I love doing this!!  This weeks mama is the very humorous and stylish Heidi!


Heidi H.
# of Kids and Ages:

I have THREE Lovies: Clay, aged 6; Audrey, aged 4; River, aged 11 months
Blog Name:

A brief description of your blog:

My blogs tagline is "an overly dramatic lifestyle blog", & it really is just that. For the last couple of years it has been my space to bring the drama of being a wife, mama, & lover of all things beauty.
Did you start "fashion blogging" before or after you had kids?:

 I started fashion blogging after I had kids.

Do you feel that your style changed after you had kids? If yes, how? If no, why not?:

Well, seeing as how I had my first child two weeks after I turned 19, I'd say that YES! my style has most definitely changed. Most likely though, my style hasn't been very affected by the fact that I have kids as much as that I've just grown up.
What do you think is the biggest misconception of being a mother?:

 Because I was married so young (at 18) & then popped my first kid out before I saw the dawn of my twenties, I've dealt with A LOT of misconceptions about me as a mother. No, I didn't get married because I was knocked up-- we were high school sweethearts who just couldn't wait! That happens people! & despite my very young age, I DO care & have an active interest in being the best mother my kids can have. I've dealt with many a side eye in my day, but I've made peace with the judgement now. Perhaps the misconception then is that a woman has to be of a certain age & have lived through certain experiences in order to be a good mother.

What do you think is the biggest misconception of being a "fashion blogger"?:

I've read some serious hate blogs directed at fashion bloggers. The point of view I read over & over from those haters was that clothes are all one who blogs about it cared about. Not so! I feel like it's easy to forget that fashion is as much of an art & requires as much intelligence as any other legitimate creative outlet. I bet Michaelangelo could style an outfit like a mofo.
What is something you enjoy doing that is completely unrelated to your children and fashion blogging?:

Running. It is my sanity pill. I go running instead of going insane. Ha.

How would you describe your personal style?:

Eclectic. It is all over the place. I feel just as comfortable sporting clean, classic looks inspired by Chanel or Michael Kors as I do taking a page out of Sienna Miller, or Kate Moss' style books. I could be American sportswear one day & bohemian the next. Bring it all!

What are some of your favourite current fashion trends?:

 I have a bodily reaction every time I see knee high socks over sheer leggings with boots. Oh my god. Yes!

And your least favourite?:

I'm very disturbed by the whole galactic boot look. Sorry, leopard print platform open-toed shoes are going to be something you regret wearing one day.

What do you think is the key element to balancing “style” with function for mothers?:

Leggings! With a good opaque pair of those thrown on under a dress or oversized sweater, you're golden! One can wrestle on the floor with her kiddo one moment & then look chic the next.

Any other random thoughts or interesting things about you that you would like to share?:
My four year old daughter takes all of my outfit pictures with my iPhone. True story. We do things like that together & love it. It makes her a part of my interest & allows me to experience her joy (using my iPhone is a HUGE DEAL to Audrey) with her. I like that my love for fashion & motherhood blend.
Thank you Heidi for all your answers!! I love your sence of Humor!!
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20 York Street said...

Thank you for featuring Heidi, I agree, one hot momma with great style and thoughtful answers!

If she can sport socks peaking over OTK, she's got style in my books!



ByeByeSoccerMom said...

she is so cute.
ha-ha! her four year old does such a great job taking pictures. Most of the time now I take my own pics but used to my five-year old daughter took them, so I can totally relate to her experience.
Thanks again Natasha for doing this fantastic feature on fashionable mamas. What a great idea!

Sacredcyn v.1.6 [Beta] said...

This is a great feature. I find these so interesting, can't wait until your next feature!

Heidi said...

Natasha! Thank you so much for featuring me! This is super flattering & I'm totally geeking over here. You're so generous to share your blog with other Mamas!

Jodi said...

Wow, great outfits!! you look totally awesome!!!

katie said...

this is great. i jsut found heidi's blog since starting the 30 for 30 challenge, and I think she's awesome. thanks for helping us get to know her better!