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Friday, November 26, 2010

Fashionable Mama: Kelly

Todays "Fashionable Mama" is Kelly of Dressing Mommy..she's super cute and very sweet...and I just happened to be featured on her blog last week too! (Major brownie points for her!! haha) 



# of Kids and Ages:

Leo 5 months

Blog Name:

A brief description of your blog:

A personal style blog about a Mommy trying to look fashionable in her machine washable world.

Did you start "fashion blogging" before or after you had kids?:

 I wasn't fashion blogging until after. I got the idea when my son was 10 weeks old. I started it as a way to motivate myself to look my best everyday. I have always felt like no matter how out of control things might be in my life, the one thing I can control is how I present myself to the world. When I look put together, I feel like I can take on anything.

Do you feel that your style changed after you had kids? If yes, how? If no, why not?:

Well, yes and no. I still have the same style aesthetic - but before I wore a lot of pencil skirts and 5" heels where as now those items have been replaced with ones that are more "child friendly". The skirts are a bit looser and the shoes a bit lower. I will say though - I do think I have become more fearless with my style. Being a stay at home mom gives me more room for experimentation!

What do you think is the biggest misconception about being a mother?:

 When I was pregnant, I had so many people say to me - enjoy dressing up/wearing jewelry/wearing heels/doing your hair and makeup now, because when the baby comes it will be all over. I am happy to say I proved them all wrong. I don't think you have to change who you are because you have a baby. You just need to modify a bit.

What do you think is the biggest misconception is of being a "fashion blogger"?:

 I honestly don't know. I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from family and friends! I am very lucky to have such a wonderful support system! :)

What is something you enjoy doing that is completely unrelated to your children and fashion blogging?:

Spending time with my girlfriends. I have a really great group of friends that includes my two sisters and they are such an amazing support system. I don't know what I would do without them! Also, I really love scrapbooking and can't wait until Leo is a little older so I can have some time to work on his book! My sister and I went to a scrapbooking convention when I was still pregnant and we had the BEST time!!

How would you describe your personal style?:

Rock and roll menswear inspired with girly accents, loads of animal print and a hint of prep. :)

What are some of your favourite current fashion trends?:

I love the military inspired looks and olive color. I got a pair of boots in this style and can't wait to wear them with everything!

And your least favorite?:

I don't think I have a least favorite - even if it's one I wouldn't wear I have seen someone else who can pull it off beautifully.

What do you think is the key element to balancing “style” with function for mothers?:

Take the trends you love and find pieces within that trend that fit your lifestyle. For example, I love blazers, so I hunted down some that were a soft knit and didn't need to be dry cleaned. This way, I don't have to worry about what gets spilled on me! I also love Forever 21 for this reason. You can get trendy items for around $20 that you can wear to death and not feel guilty when you are ready to move on.

Any other random thoughts or interesting things about you that you would like to share?:
I never thought I would want to be a stay at home mom, however as soon as my son was born I knew that this is the job I was meant to do. I have never been happier or more fulfilled and I am so lucky to have such an amazing and supportive husband who has made it possible for me to be home with him. 

Thank you Kelly for taking the time to answer my questions!  I SO agree with you on everything!

Want to be my next "Fashionable Mama"?  If you do click here!


Natalya's Closet said...

Great post! I love her style and will definitely check out her blog! Happy Thanksgiving! XOXO,

ByeByeSoccerMom said...

Kelly is one of my favorite fashionable mommas out there. she is very stylish and always has a genuine smile on her face that will brighten up your day.