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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Grey Days

Jacket- Zellers
Knit Vest- Ross
Knit Dress- Ross
Belt- Walmart
Tights- Ardenes
Boots- Spring

I will admit I'm not too crazy about this outfit...I really didn't want to wear grey pretty much head to toe...but I was in a hurry...had everything on...wanted to wear bright tights...but not the blue ones I had just worn...the only problem was that I couldn't find the rest of my coloured tights amoungst my packed grey it was...and I moped...yep thats right...I pouted, I whined...I told Brody "ugh I look horrible", "ugh I hate this outfit"..."ugh ugh ugh"...he told me I looked great...he said all sorts of sweet things to me...I didn't listen..haha...but I guess I liked the outfit enough to take pictures right? OK technically Brody took the pictures...but I liked it enough to ask.
Do you ever have those kinda days??  The days when your hair doesn't co-operate...your skin looks blah (I blame the weather/stress of moving)...and then to top it all off you're outfit doesn't co-operate either...this was definitely one of those days...but I'm over it...I know I was slightly crazy/ now it's time to pull out some happy coloured lots of sugar...and go shoe shopping!!

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Snappy-Q said...

Oh my, look at that snow! I think you look great, even in all the grey.
But I definitely feel ya, there are often days when I just feel like I can't get it together and I look bad, but then someone will tell me I look great... so there you go, just our own insecurities I guess!

maïu bcn said...

I like the outfit!! And I can definitely relate to the non co-operating hair, there are just days like that, but you look great in these pictures!!

maïu bcn said...
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Daphne said...

I like it. Sometimes it is cool to wear all the same shade. The tights look so cozy. Plus you added the white vest. I totally have those days though where I am not happy with my outfit and no time to spend more time on it.

Collette Osuna said...

I love the outfit.....and gray:)
I cant believe you have snow...acckk...its on its way to Michigan, I just know it!!!!

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Kristy said...

We have the same boots! :D Aren't they the best? I regret not getting that color (I got the black ones), but oh well :p I love how the gray knit leggings pulled this look together :)