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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Scrap Fabric Scarf DIY

This DIY project is perfect for anyone participating in the 30 for 30 challenge and needs something to spice up an outfit!
It took me less than 20 minutes to make this project, and minimal sewing is required!!

Materials and Supplies

-Scrap fabric square or rectangle (enough to tie around your neck as a scarf)
- Assorted trims (Lace, ribbon, sequins, scrap fabrics)
- Thread to Match
-Sewing Machine (Can hand sew instead)
-Tailoring Chalk (Optional)
-Ruler (Optional)


1. Cut your base fabric into either a rectangle or square.  The speedy way to do this is to make a snip and tear the fabric (this only works on woven fabrics) instead of cutting (It will give you a perfectly straight line). 

2.  On one end of your scarf (or one corner if you made a square) lay out your different trims at an angle.  When I choose my trims I like to get a few different textures, and work with the colours in the scarf.  Here I have one row of lace, a row of sequin trim, and a row of scrap fabric that I made into a ruffle.  (I did this by cutting a strip of fabric about twice the length I wanted the ruffle to end up being, then used my machine to sew a straight extra long stitch in a bit from one end, I then pulled one of the thread ends to gather the could also gather this by hand sewing a long straight stitch and pulling the thread to gather.)  Pin your trims onto the scarf.  I wasn`t able to pin on the sequins.

3.  Sew your trims onto the scarf lining up your stitches in a bit from the edge of the trim.

4.  To sew on my sequins I used a ruler and tailoring chalk to draw a line where I wanted them placed.  Then I lined the sequin trim up over the line and sewed it onto the scarf, holding the sequins in place as I went along. 

To sew on the sequins (and other narrow trims) you can either straigh stitch through the middle (which I did) or zig-zag over top (If you zig-zag you wouldn`t be putting a stitch through the trim, you`d actually be stitcing beside it on both sides).

5.  Trim any loose threads. 

All Done!!!

The pictures below are to show you how the scarf turned out using a square instead.

Top Row: Gathered Ribbon
Light Green Row: Gathered Fabric
Bright Green Row: Gathered Lace
Bottom Row:  Gathered Fabric


ByeByeSoccerMom said...

Natasha, I love your DIY's and this is just amazing scarf update. well done. you are so clever!

Kelly said...

You should seriously sell these - they are awesome. I am going to see what scraps I have because that is a total must do!

reagan said...

This is a great idea. I can do this!

Collette Osuna said...

Really pretty....another GREAT DIY:)

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Snappy-Q said...

Another impressive DIY! I also really like your faux-fur vest that you wore yesterday. Can't wait to see the jacket.
Will you ever put clothes/accessories in your etsy shop? Because I bet they would sell.

Tanya Turi said...

My mom's been teaching me how to sew with the machine - It think I need to add these to the project list! :)