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Monday, November 1, 2010

Too Many Steps!

Cardigan- Joe Fresh
Shirt- Costco
Belt- Target
Skirt- Suzy Shier
Tights- Ardenes
Boots- Town Shoes Outlet

I like how this look is most casual pieces, but somehow it still look half dressy.
Currently I am surviving with only about 1/4 of my clothes/shoes/accessories since the rest of it is still packed...I have to say I'm pretty impressed with my outfit making skills considering the amount of clothes I have to work with at the moment.  The reason everything isn't unpacked yet is because I need to 1. Paint the ceiling in our room. 2. Sand and paint the walls in our room. 3. Put up the textured wallpaper faux headboard on the wall behind the bed. 4. Brody has to remove the flooring in our room/closet. 5. Brody has to install the new flooring in our room/closet 6. Brody has to take down the current shelving/hanging bars in the walk-in closet. 7. I have to sand and paint the walls in the closet. 8. Brody has to build me my brand new super awesome walk-in closet!!!!  And when that's all done I can finish unpacking my clothes.  If only there weren't so many steps that needed to be done first (unfortunatly the closet isn't as high on the totem pole as the rest of the bedroom). 

How cute is my little piglet??  Unfortunatly Vyla and I didn't leave the house only my parents got to see her on Skype...and a few trick-or treaters that came to the door.   

 Mommy it's so hard to move in this costume!!

Vyla doesn't actually use a soother, but had found this one in a drawer so she had been playing with it today...but with her hands stuck in the costume she was having a lot of trouble trying to pick it up...which is why she's laying on the floor.

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Collette Osuna said...

Awww.....what a little dollie you have there....super cute costume!!
LOVE the tights and boots....fab!

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Kastles said...

hahaha these pictures make me smiile in her little costume. Also love the tights, and your hair looks so cute curly!

Natalya's Closet said...

Gorgeous outfit and cute baby!! XOXO, Natalya

~L~ of Avid Accents said...

love your outfit and her costume! is that snow? im soooo not ready for this cold weather!

Avid Accents: A Frugal Fashion Destination

406 Olivia said...

Love that little piglet! And your blue legs! Also, I wanna see all your home projects, so get cracking!


JoJo said...

that belt is really nice, it really adds to the outfit (love the stripes too!)

the weather looks so lovely - i love the snow, and we're going into Summer here in South Africa now... booo!


Aspen Eray said...

Those boots are killer!

Kelly said...

What a cute costume!! Adorable!

Daphne said...

She is so cute in her costume. Oh, your view behind you is so pretty and so winter. As we await tomorrow's forecasted whether in the 80s I am very jealous. Oh, man that is going to take some time to unpack your clothes. Do you have another room you can unpack the clothes until your actual closet is done?

Jodi said...

cute outfits these last few posts! I have to get caught up :) HEY< this circumstance sounds like maybe you have to BUY new clothes since everything else is packed??? hah hah..

Your pictures are looking better and better too, not that they werent good before but the are looking different!!

I love reno's though, is very satisfying once you see everything you have done....
later gater xo j

Sarah said...

Your little piglet is so adorable.
Your boots are amazing too.Thanks for dropping by my blog.

ByeByeSoccerMom said...

oh, natasha! she is too cute!!! thanks so much for posting your daughter's pics. I LOVE looking at kids photos. they are so much fun (especially other people's little ones are so much fun, when you don't see the crying and whining side, LOL). Thanks! enjoyed a lot!
and i love the combination of purple and blue. cute outfit!

Snappy-Q said...

You look awesome, and Vyla is adorable in her piglet costume!
And I feel your renovation pain, for sure. I still have access to all my clothes, but not the pile of sewing and repairing that is buried under construction material in our office!

Sacredcyn v.1.6 [Beta] said...

How cute!!! My Delilah was piglet last year too! (She is two years now) Gorgeous!