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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day Thirty!!

The Final Day!!

Dress- Zara
Sweater- Winners
Tights- Bargain Store
Socks- H&M
Boots- Winners

I have successfully completed the 30 for 30 challenge!!  Tomorrow I will post all 30 of my outfits and do a review of sorts.
I had wrote this outfit down as an idea before this challenge had started, but as the challenge went on I didn't really think I was going to end up wearing it....but with only 3 minutes to get dressed, I glanced at this list, realized this outfit fit the criteria (I didn't want to wear any items I had worn recently, and I wanted to wear a skirt or dress)...and on it went.
Brianna do you recognize these socks?  A few months ago I was visiting my friend Brianna in Calgary...we were shopping...Vyla was with us in her stroller...I saw these socks in H&M, threw them on top of the stroller while we browsed around...we both tried on some clothes, none of it worked, so we left the store.  5 minutes later we both looked down at the same time and noticed these socks sitting on the stroller.  We rushed back to the store, I apologized to the clerk for accidentally stealing socks and then paid for them.  Oops!!

A look back at the last six days


406 Olivia said...

Woohoo! You did it! How does it feel?
As for stroller stealing, ah yes, I remember those days!

Ashley said...

Yay you made it to the end!!

I've really enjoyed seeing all of your fabulous outfits, and especially your truly magical photographs...this one included! Beautiful setting!!


Love the "Cowgirl" boots! I still chuckle everytime I see you wearing them! But I think they were a great investment! I just wish you had bigger feet so I could borrow them!

Alessandra said...

Congratulations! I have loved following your 30 x 30 outfits and posts. Such lovely looks! So great how the sun was setting on the final outfit, too.

Of this final set, really loved outfit n.28 - you look gorgeous!

Lynn said...

awe, what a good really are a true Canadian girl! no teefing for us ; )

lovely outfit and congrats on finishing your challenge can't wait to check out the full post. ♥

Jo said...

Congrats on finishing! An even bigger congratulations on acting with so much integrity to go back and pay for the socks.

Melrose said...

CONGRATS! I've loved every single one of your remixes! Especially yesterday's!
And great story! I love that you went back to pay! Such a sweetheart!

reagan said...

YAY for being done. I can't wait to dive into my closet tomorrow!

Lisa Fergus said...

You did it!! 30 days!! woo hoo! Love the sunset in the back round! Makes the outfit really pop!

K.Bean said...

Well done! I really enjoyed your 30 for 30 and look forward to your thoughts on it.

From Suns To Moons said...

Wow you're done! You're probably the first one to finish because you never took weekends off. I'm only on Day 22... Though more time without shopping rights is not a bad thing for me.

ClosetConfections said...

YAY, CONGRATS! Great way to finish off the challenge, and I really like the leopard print dress and the green top.


Brianna said...

Oh the sketchy socks...... Still a funny story, that cute little daughter of yours learning bad habits at such a young age!

You look fantastic, of course you know how much I adore that dress.

The sunset as your backdrop certainly doesn't hurt.

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Congratulations on finishing today. It's been great seeing your remixes. Any idea what you're wearing tomorrow?

I finished today too. Feels a bit weird.

Kelly said...

YEA!!!!! Congrats! Your last outfit is a total winner!!!

So jealous you are done - I'm so close!

Beautifully Pure said...

Ooh! I love the print of your dress, and I love the way the socks stick out from the top of the boots!! <3 <3

~ Katie

ByeByeSoccerMom said...


And I did the same thing once when my first one was a baby. I accidentally "stole" the belt and returned to pay! lol

Sophie said...

doing the video was much quicker! you should do it :)

Rochelle said...

Way to go! Good job on finishing! I love the print of the dress and how well the sweater goes with it!

Law Mama said...

Wow! You match the sunset! Awesome coordinating!!