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Saturday, December 4, 2010


Day Twenty-Seven

Dress- H&M
Cardi- Joe Fresh
Scarf- TJ Maxx
Belt- Target
Leggings- Sirens
Boots- Winners

Thank you everyone who left me such kind comments on yesterdays's nice to know that I'm not the only person who's had this dilemma!
As far as this outfit goes, I would say that from this challenge my leopard print dress is quickly becoming my most worn item...and there is nothing wrong with that right!?!

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Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Love the leopard with the purple and how the scarf picks up the colours. Scarves are great.

Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

Fabulous Tash! I love you when you're all jungle-a-fied! I think this scarf goes with the outfit marvalously!

From Suns To Moons said...

Rawr! Is that what you wear around the house? It puts my men's sweatpants to shame.

Lisa D. said...

This outfit is simply stunning. The colors, the mixing of prints. You look amazing. The snow is just a perfect backdrop for bringing out those vibrant colors. =) Love this outfit.


Pixie in Pumps said...

this looks lovely.

Linley said...

And leopard loves you! You look great, as always! Love the purple and leopard print!

Beautifully Pure said...

I love this outfit! Your dress is lovely and your boots are adorable! <3
I also love your hair. Sooo cute!!
~ Katie

theputtogethergirl said...

This outfit is totally cool. Its fun and funky and super chic! Love it!

yogagirl said...

Luve the boots--actually your whole look is great! I like mixing patterns--it can soooo work!

reagan said...

Love this look! Your dress is amazing and I love pattern mixing!

P.S. In a totally unrelated confession, I bought some leopard print ballet flats I can't wait to wear!

Almost done--WaHoo!

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

You mix things together so so well! I am in love with your dress. Lepord is popping up everywhere! I need to get some, Im falling more in love with it. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Jen said...

I definitely need to check out Joe Fresh next time we're in BC (which no doubt will be after my 30 for 30). You've featured some great items from there! You've also inspired me to try my hand at DYI.

Daphne said...

Love the color combo in this outfit. Would have never thought purple with animal print but it goes great. The scarf and the dress is a great example of mixing prints too.

*chameleon* said...

u rock this combo!!!:) great style and blog!!!starting to follow u!;))