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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Winter Dilemma

Sweater Dress- Ross
Tights- Ardenes
Scarf- H&M
Boots- Spring

The weather is way too cold for my liking...I can only handle -25*C for so long...and this is way too long!!  My biggest issue is that when it's super cold out I need to wear a jacket over my outfit, which means super chunky clothes is not an option because then my cute winter jackets won't fit over top, but layering (without a jacket) is not an option.  Does this make any sence?  Basically it's too cold out to survive on layers alone, and layers and a jacket don't work together I have to settle for close fitting clothing so I can wear a cute jacket.  I promise I will show "cute jacket" pictures in the future.



love your scarf!! Very lovely!

Fashion Flirt said...

Oh I totally understand your pain. Yesterday, I popped out to take my outfit picture en route to get breakfast. I brought my jacket with me, but didn't bother putting it on until after I'd taken the pictures. I'd been wearing a jeans jacket around the house, and couldn't fit my stupid bloody jacket over it. So I had to (outside... in Winnipeg) take off my jeans jacket in order to put on my actual jacket... It was much chiller than I was anticipating.

In other news, I love those boots from Spring, and am hoping they still have them at the mall because they are too cute/awesome/badass for words.

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

I love your scarf and tights with the grey. You look wonderful.

I can't imagine how you're managing with -25C. We have about -2C which is fine, but I'm glad it's not any colder. I am either doing photos very close to the house or wearing 5 layers and no coat. Neither is ideal.

Law Mama said...

Wow, I can't imagine! Here in the Bay Area we "survive" winter on layering alone... I wear thin coats that require a warm sweater underneath. But we don't get much other than rain, so I really can't compare.

Anyway, I love the scarf - the colors are some of my favorites and the purple tights just clinch it for me. You have the best style!

Jen said...

I totally understand what you mean. It's a catch-22 of sorts and we deal with it at work. When it's cold out, they blast the heat. That makes sense, but not when you think about the fact that everyone is dressed for the cold in layers or thick sweaters. So the heat overheats us. In the summer when it's warm/hot (for about six weeks in Seattle), they blast the A/C so we're freezing in our lighter clothes. It's a dilemma indeed! Too bad we don't have individual cubicle climate controls.

Great boots!

Ashley said...

I can't fathom how you handle temps that cold. On the other hand, you look very lovely in the snow! LOVE those boots! :)

p.s. I tagged you in my latest blog! :)

Daphne said...

That cold would be a bit of a challange. May be get some cute not so close fitting jacket that you can wear over chunky layers. I live southern CA and have too many coats for this very reason. Love what the scarf does to your outfit.

rlutz said...

Love how you handled the cold today...great dress, love the purple tights and that fun scarf!

Kate said...

I really like how you paired tights and boots together- kind of like a soft feminine looks with a heavier shoe- turned out great!