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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Building an Outfit

Cardi- Joe Fresh
Blouse- Winners
Belt- Joe Fresh
Necklaces- Ardenes
Jeans- Gap
Boots- Aldo

I was doing so good at taking my pictures outside this winter, but when the temperature is -35*C outside the last thing I want to do is set up my tri-pod and take pictures in a foot of fresh snow.  Most days I wait until 4:00pm when Brody gets home so he can take my pictures outside, but this day (a few days ago) all I wanted was a nice warm bath, and I wasn't waiting for anyone!!

I don't know how everyone else decides what they wearing each day, but I figure I will explain how this outfit came about. 
With the cold weather all I could think about was wearing jeans...but I had worn jeans the previous day, so I wanted to make sure there was something interesting about my outfit.  I grabbed this striped cardi and scanned my closet for something that would look unexpected under it, this blouse seemed perfectly unexpected (ruffles + chiffon + bright flowers + bright yellow = perfection).  I love how it looked under the stripes!  Next I grabbed my double wrap green belt, and two necklaces to add even more interest the the outfit.  By then it was time to start my vehicle, so I grabbed the easiest shoes to put on (these boots) and ended up loving how they totally didn't match, but still worked with the outfit.  The whole time I had been thinking I would wear my flat OTK boots, but I like this much better!

What is your outfit building method?

PS.  I signed up for another 30 for 30 challenge...who else is doing it?


Lisa Fergus said...

ooo I love how the yellow top looks under the stripped cardigan! Great outfit!

Alessandra said...

Loved reading how this outfit came about and you totally inspired me with the striped cardigan + frilly floral top. You look fantastic.

I usually start from one item I definitely want to wear - clothes, shoes or even accessories and then work from there. With an eye on the weather outside, too.

You know I'm in for the challenge - can't wait!


Congrats, on joining the 30 for 30 challenge! I look forward to seeing all of your outfits come together -so fun. And I am sooo inspired by the striped cardy paired with the yellow floral top (which is gorg) -looks fab!

Melrose said...

was it Monday? Damn it was frigid that day! And yes, pants are key on days like that.
I liked hearing your thought process... you always have wonderful little pops of the unexpected!

406 Olivia said...

Wait. People have methods for building successful outfits? I do not have one, but have been contemplating this very notion lately. Thinking about how if I select a few tried-and-true silhouettes I'd avoid the nothing-to-wear syndrome that strikes so frequently.

Also, can't get enough of those boots. With their rubber sole, I bet they're even surefooted on snow and ice. A++

Law Mama said...

I have a similar method of outfit building - just start trying to pull things together and see what works!

I signed up for the 30 for 30 challenge again too. Should be fun!

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

I love the pattern matching here and your explanation of how your outfit came about. It's always fascinating to see how people decide on a look.

My outfits are planned in my head based on colours or something I want to recreate that I have seen elsewhere. Then it tends to be about mixing things up or carrying a look through (depending on my mood). Lots of things come about by chance too - normally sorting the laundry throws up some unexpected combos.

From Suns To Moons said...

I love that cheerful print with the stripes and it makes me excited about your next remixing series. As for me, I think I'll pass on this round and wait for the spring or summer one.

Patina said...

Pretty the mix of flowers, colors and stripes.

*chameleon* said...

u succeeded to make such a great mix!!i like so much your cardi!;)

SvGLove said...

Wow I really admire that your method works!
Because I almost have the same method, but it never works for me!
I can never choose "unexpected" stuff like you;)
Anyway, with the motivation you gave to me, I'll certainly try it once;)


Great! I think they look fantastic! A little punch of sunshine in a dreary environment!


LaToya said...

I love your outfit! Stripes + colorful top = cuteness! I would love to take pics outside too, but it's too cold here as well. I'm also jumping on board and doing the 30 for 30! Very exciting!


K.Bean said...

Thanks for documenting your outfit process. I always enjoy a peep into a stylish person's head!

Kelly said...

I love how the floral top looks with the stripes - what a fun look!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh yes. I am allll over the 30 for 30 this time. I've already started setting aside my items. Well I set aside one item. It's a start. I think I'll probably actually figure out the rest this weekend. I'm really excited to finally do this.


Lisa D. said...

I also base a lot of my unplanned outfit choices on the weather. Of course, cold for me is like 40 degrees fahrenheit... (which make me feel like a huge wuss when I see all your snowy photos). I wear a lot of jeans - my office is really casual. So, most of my quick, cold-weather outfit choices revolve around pairing unexpected tops and cardigans and tying my outfit together with a matching belt and boots.

Love your pairing of the yellow floral and b/w stripes here. You look casual and relaxed. =)