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Thursday, January 13, 2011

An Eye Opener

Dress- H&M
Vest- Self Made
Belt- H&M
Tights- Joe Fresh
Boots- Present from Brody (Aldo)

I have done similar versions of this outfit so many times because I LOVE this colour combo so much!!

I think one of the reasons I love the wine and olive colour combo so much is because both these colours make green eyes pop, and I'm all about wearing colours that make my eyes stand out.  Everyone around me has big blue eyes, very pretty blue eyes, mine are green...and everyone who had those bright blue eyes liked to rub it in my face that they're eyes were prettier than mine (ok they probably didn't try at all, I just happen to be oversensitive..haha) when I was in highschool I decided that blue eyes were overrated ...but now I have reached the point where I can say, YES Brody and Vyla have the most beautiful blue eyes....but I have pretty green ones!! haha


Alessandra said...

I love wine & olive - to drink & eat, but mostly as a color combo on you...WOW! I love this outfit. The dress, the tights, the boots.

I'd vote for your green eyes over blue ones any day. Gorgeous!


Your nuts! I love your green eyes! Its one of my favorite things about you! And just so you know. I'm secretly jealous of your beautiful eyes!

Be excited, because now that I'm back from Vacay/No internet I get to start posting again! I miss your face, and I'm sad that I didn't get to see you again!

Oh, and I love the boots! I still chuckle about watching you open them and hug the crap out of them, while stroking them and looking at them with love in your eyes!

Lisa Fergus said...

I love this color combo too! Beautiful outfit!

Jo said...

And don't forget that wine and olives go oh-so-well together at dinner, too ;)

406 Olivia said...

Love this combo! And those boots are the hotness! Brody has excellent taste--in women and boots!


Snappy-Q said...

When I was younger my eyes were blue and my hair was blonde, and when that started to change through adolesence I had a hard time accepting that I no longer had blue eyes... instead they were boring green. But now I love having green eyes, I think they are so much more unique than blue. And I get to wear great colour combos like olive and wine! So, I for one think your eyes are lovely, and that you should continue to make them pop!

Pam S said...

I've always thought you have lovely eyes. I don't see how one colour can be prettier than another? People are silly.

I love those boots, they're just gorgeous in every way possible. I have major boot lust.

Kimberellie said...

Okay, you're awesome. Those boots are awesome. This outfit is awesome. And YOU are just stunning! Oh, and you made the vest? AWESOME. I so want to make a faux fur vest! I've been thinking about it, it would be so much cheaper than buying one! Also, I would be so lazy and not even bother to finish the edges (your prob finished yours, you are clever that way).

heart: me

Kastles said...

Love love love the vest! your eyes stand out like crazyyy!

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

I love the mix of colours here. And your green eyes are really amazing - much more interesting than blue eyes which are more common (I should know, I have blue eyes).