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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Missing Hat and a Burning Fry Pan

Sweater- Winners
Dress- H&M
Scarf- Present
Tights- Ardenes
Boots- Steve Madden
Hat- F21

 This is what I wore for New Years Eve.  We weren't doing anything glamorous that night, so I kept my outfit pretty basic, but wore my fabulous sequined hat!  Aren't sequins a must for New Years?

Brody hates this hat so much, when I first bought it he threatened to throw it out. Some how it went missing for a whole year (I searched the house high and low)...finally Brody "found" it this summer in his suitcase. Sounds suspicious doesn't it?

On a non-fashion related note...guess what I did yesterday!?  Almost burnt my house down!!  Yep...I'm amazing like that!!  I blame in on mommy brain when things like that happen (although Brody asked how I can blame that for the other time I almost burnt down a house).  This time though I got distracted by a little girl needing a bum change while I was making breakfast...the next thing I knew I had bacon grease boiling in a frying pan with the lid on being not so smooth removed the lid (that should help cool it down right??) and pouf the pan had 12" flames shooting out of it (it turns out letting the air in feeds oxygen to the fire)...silly silly me!!  Thank goodness for my experience working in the fast food industry during highschool!!  I remembered that baking soda is the best way to put out a grease fire (since water doesn't do the trick).  In the end the stove was a bubbly powder and greasy mess, and the kitchen was a cloud of smoke...the stove cleaned up nicely, the smoke cleared and everything was as good as new!!  The only unfortunate thing was that Vyla and I didn't get to enjoy bacon grease fried eggs (healthy I know!!) for breakfast!


Collette Osuna said...

LOL about "finding" the missing hat....I LOVE the hat....yes, sequins and NYE just go together....adore your look fabulous as always:)

Lisa Fergus said...

That's hilarious about the "missing" hat!
and you are very lucky you knew how to put a grease fire out! How scary!!

Rochelle said...

Glad that everything turned out well!

That is funny about the hat going "missing" for that long. You look great and that's a wonderful NYE outfit!


Marie a la Mode said...

Such a cute outfit, Natasha! Your style is really evolving. And GOOD THING you didn't burn your house down!!! Happy New Year ; )


Next time it goes "missing" I'll make sure I lend you mine! Mind you... I have no idea where mine is! Probably still in a box with the rest of my christmas presents from a couple of years ago! I'm sorry you didn't get to have fried bacon grease eggs... but perhaps you can save that one for when I come back to visit! I'll even bum change in exchange for eggs!

Kitschmoog said...

Great style , so cute and cool chic ! Happy new year for 2011 .

Laura Tenshi said...

Your sequined hat looks so cute and I love your leopard print scarf.
Terrible morning you had yesterday, good thing nothing bad happened.

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Yay for the return of the kidnapped hat. Was there a ransom to be paid.

Didn't know the baking soda trick - I am more of a damp teatowel girl (not that I have ever had to use it). Still relieved that all are well and that the only issue was the change of breakfast. Could have been so much worse.

Law Mama said...

Yikes! Scary moment. It's definitely easy to get distracted by little ones.

That hat is fabulous! Why are there so many things that we love but our husbands hate? So weird.

Kelly said...

Wow! That's so scary!!! Good thing you knew what to do - I probably would have made it worse!

Personally, I love the hat - everything is better with a little sparkle! :)

Ashley said...

Sounds like Brody & me are exact opposites when it comes to your the hat, love the boots with the maxi skirt, yadda yadda yadda. :)

Speaking of the hat, I have the same one in rainbow colors. I wear it waaaay to much. But I love it.

t said...

Cute outfit!

Sophie said...

you look so stunning. i love your outfit!
and i love your blog. so happy i stumbled upon it! i am your newest follower :) xx

Lydia Marie said...

Glad you really didn't burn your house down! And that hat is perfect for new year's, glad it turned back up!

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Daphne said...

Scary and good tip to know in the future to not feed oxygen.
Love that hat. It is adorable. Husbands once again do not get all aspects of fashion. ;)