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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Short on Words

Vest- Zara
Blouse- JC Penney
Necklace- Gift From Corrine
Belt- Ardenes
Jeans- Winners
Boots- Aldo

I keep staring at these pictures, and I have nothing to say...
That doesn't mean I don't like this outfit, there just isn't much to say about it!

For this last picture Brody told me to blow a kiss...I couldn't do it without giggling...yes I'm still a little school girl at heart!

I would like to create a better "About Me" section, so I need to know from you what kinds of things would you like to know about me?? 

I also have Formspring, so feel free to ask me anything there!! (Nothing rude though please.)


Lisa Fergus said...

I really love those jeans! Great color!

The Curvy Girl said...

This is a great outfit! I love the fits you fabulously! I think I might need to look for one myself!


Very Cute! You always look adorable!

406 Olivia said...

I'll say this about your outfit: Love the trouser style jeans! As for your "About Me," my own about me sucks so I'm not much help there.


Jodi said...

those jeans are super cute.. 70's ish.. love them.. happy sunday to you. .am cleaning the house hoping it warms up so I can get outside for my run... and then of course, planning outfits for the week!! xxoxo

Patina said...

Lol, sometimes I feel the same way about my posts...what to say to make it interesting? However, I feel it's ok to let the outfit do all the talking at times. Your outfit speaks the vest, love the jewelry.

From Suns To Moons said...

You may not have much to say because the outfit is very figure-flattering. Nothing else needed! (well, you supply the rockin' bod).

Fifth Sparrow said...

Love the hippie jeans! I need to find a pair for spring... I can't wait to wear 70's inspired stuff! xx

p.s that last photo is adorable!

Ashley said...

Sometimes it's okay to be speechless! :)

Love your cute cute outfit, and that last picture!

Happy Sunday!

Kelly said...

Pictures speak louder than words - right? :)

I love the proportions of this outfit with the fitted vest and flared jeans!

No Guilt Fashion said...

I Love that necklace with this outfit. It is very pretty. I also agree with another commenter the proportions of this outfit are great.
No Guilt Fashion

Daphne said...

The multi chain necklace looks great. I would love to know what you do on a daily basis to keep your daughter entertained in such a difficult climate in a new town where you know very few people? Probably not a 'about me' type of info but you asked. :)