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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feeling the Love

Day Thirteen

Turtle Neck- Rickis
Scarf- Roberto Cavalli (Present from Brianna)
Pants- Self Made
Boots- Aldo

I'm going to admit that these pants are making me quite mad!!!  I made them from scratch (as in drafted the pattern and sewed them) with full intentions of making the perfect fitting 70's inspired dress pants.  I fit the pants on myself so many times to get the fit perfect, and made so many adjustments to the pattern.  I finally was satisfied with how they turned out...and now I look at these pictures and it looks like I'm wearing pajama pants!!

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!!  I had such an amazing day.  The plan was that I was going to meet my friend Megan at the library for lunch....turns out she had a bit of a surprize party planned for me!!

How amazing is the cake my friends had made for me!?!  It was inspired by this outfit of mine!!  How cool is that?

Above is a picture of Megan and I....she's my favourite party planner!!  Below is a picture of all us girls.  I feel so lucky to have (finally) made such great friends in my new town!

Brody took me out for dinner, and then we were just relaxing at home when Megan, her hubby and her son showed up at the door...saying they were just popping by for a "visit", a few minutes later the doorbell rang, it was Brodys Uncle, Aunt and two cousins...once again a few minutes passed the doorbell rang again this time it was Brodys other Uncle and Aunt.  I had two surprize parties in one day!!
Thanks Brody!!

(yes I have changed into my lazy clothes by now)

And two amazing birthday cakes!!  This one was made by Brodys (twelve year old) cousin.  She did such an amazing job!!

Thank you to everyone who made me feel special yesterday!!


Alessandra said...

Wow, looks like you had a wonderful day. I almost gasped when I saw that first cake! The portrait of you (second photo) is STUNNING!

Lisa Fergus said...

Looks like a fun day! Happy Birthday!! and those cakes are amazing!!!!

Gina said...

The pants do look comfortable and they're really flattering on you!

Collette Osuna said...

Looks like a FAB happy for you..AND...I LOVE the pants, truly I do:)

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From Suns To Moons said...

I agree with Alessandra - you DO look stunning. And look at you gobbling up two different cakes!

oomph. said...

happy belated! two fabulous cakes!! girl, you rock...i just love all your DIY clothes. the pants are awesome! wish i could make me some super wide legged pants!

Caro said...

I love your scarf! Such a lovely tough. And fabulous cake!

Peggy said...

wow!! amazing bday cake is right! so neat! Love it. I can't believe you have a husband and a baby - you look so youthful!! Happy Late Birthday!

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

I love the colours in your outfit. And I'm so pleased you had a lovely birthday and two surprise parties.

silvergirl said...

I love those pants
I am sure they look different in person than on camera
You sewing skills are amazing
2 birthday cake and both are terrific!
Happy Belated Birthday!

Melanie said...

How wonderful to have had such love on your birthday!
Those pants look great and even if you don't love them at least you have a perfect pattern for future versions.

Daphne said...

Those pants are amazing. And so much fun to have two surprise parties. And look at both your cakes have wild animal print. THey know you so well.

Kristy said...

whoooaaa the stiletto cake is amazing! I wish I had that for my birthday!:D It's always great to have your loved ones with you to celebrate your birthday (especially 25th birthday!It's a milestone!)

Happy birthday once again :)

ps. how amazing would it be if it's an actual ALDO shoe on that cake? hahahahaha :D

Melrose said...

happy belated birthday!!
your cakes look DELICIOUS! and those pants!!! you are ALL LEGS pretty lady! I had no idea how tall you are!

Ashley said...

You lucky GIRL! Those cakes are beyond amazing!!!

So glad you had a great day! :)

Monica said...

EEEE!! I love this look, it's has an updated, smart, chic 70's vibe! following you! follow me back?

lala said...

whaaaat?! i am NOT mad at those pants! i clicked on your post from my google reader to get a closer look at those pants!

you look so chic; it's very current but still feels like a throwback.

kudos for crafting up the pants!