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Friday, February 25, 2011

Glitter Under-Heel DIY

I've been wanting to try this project for quite awhile now, and finally found the time. 
I always love glitter, and I love the idea of a funky sole on a shoe because it's so unexpected, but totally not too "in your face".  
This project is a mixture of this glittered pumps DIY and this louboutins DIY....I call it mixing the best of both worlds!!  (Although I do love the projects SO MUCH on their own!!)

Materials and Supplies Needed:

-Mod Podge (I used the outdoor stuff)
-Paint Brush
-Sandpaper (corse)
-Paper Towel
-Paint to match glitter (optional)
-Pair of High Heels (preferable with a flat underheel)


1. Clean off the under heel of each shoe.  Use your sand paper to scuff up the under heel.  Paint a thick layer of mod podge from the start of the arch up to the top, and down the length of the heel.

2.  Over a piece of paper pour the glitter over the whole mod podged area.  Re-use the glitter as needed.

3.  If you want, paint the remaining sole of the shoe to match the glitter.

The reason that I did it this way instead of painting the whole sole first and then applying the mod podge and glitter is because the mod podge will adhere better to the sole without an extra layer between it.

4.  Allow everything to dry for 20 minutes and then paint on a thick layer of mod podge over the entire sole.

5.  After everything is dry you can use your finger nails to scrape off any of the glue that went "outside the lines".  I also used cuticle clippers for this.


Another idea would be to glitter the whole heel and platform like these ASOS shoes below.

Go here for a better picture of these shoes.

Let me know if you try this!!  Or if you have ever tried any of my projects, please email me any pictures!!

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NyShell Imari said...

This is so great! Can't wait to try it!

Chelsea Rae said...

This is such a great DIY. It would be super fun for a big party or even if a girl were to do it for prom. What lady doesn't need a pair of dazzling shoes?