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Monday, February 14, 2011

Mixing Colours

Day Ten

Dress- H&M
Shawl (as scarf)- Made by Mother in-law
Belt- Ardenes
Tights- Joe Fresh
Boots- Present from Hubby (Aldo)

On Friday I got shout outs from Lisa, Linley and Rochelle in their Friend Friday post for being a blogger that does a good job incorporating colour into their outfits.  (If anyone else mentioned me and I missed it, I'm sorry!!  Let me know!!)  I figured that after receiving all this love over my colour usage, I better pair this dress with something other than the usual purple, brown or black tights.

Usually when I wear something with more than one colour in it I accessorize it with neutrals and/or colours that are in the items. I knew there had to be a different colour that could work with this dress, that wasn't actually in the dress. Basically I treated this dress as if it was a solid colour, and paired it with one that would go with both solid purple and solid orange.

What's your thoughts on mixing colours?  Did I make it work?

Happy Valentines Day!!!


Elizabeth said...

I absolutely LOVE the colors in this outfit. The dress is so gorgeous, and I WANT those boots.



I think you made it work.. You always seem to make it work. I need some help in the color department, because I suck at matching, or unmatching... or whatever it is that you trendy people do!


So fun and bold, I heart it! I love that you added the brown belt + boots, and those lace up boots are fab. xx veronika

Alessandra said...

You do rock colors. As well as long tall boots!
Love these lace-ups.

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

You totally made this work. This is one of my favourite looks that you've posted in a while (which is saying something because I love what you wear).

And those Friend Friday mentions are very well-deserved.

Rochelle Approved said...

You made it work wonderfully!!! That dress in and of itself is a piece that shows off confidence in color mixing, and I love it with the blue!


Laura said...

Honestly, this is one of the most fabulous outfits I have ever seen on a blog, and I really mean that! I love the dress on its own, and then paired with the blue it is stunning! Plus, your boots are super gorgeous and I love the little something extra added by the ruffly scarf.

Lisa Fergus said...

Such pretty colors!!! and did you color your hair lighter? Looks great!

Giedre said...

YES - it's perfect! loveloveLOVE the combination of bright colors against the white backdrop of snow and those boots are definitely makin me drool, girl! most excellent combination.

silvergirl said...

So love what you did here
I am jealous of those tights too
Several people have been sporting that color and I can't buy them!
I really really like this outfit!!

jenn~the stylish housewife said...

this looks GORGEOUS! i have color envy =) i would never be able to put something like this together! love the dress and the boots!

the stylish housewife


GAWD Natasha, I seriously covet those boots more than EN EE THING. They're perfect on your cute little blue legs! Your color mixing DEFINITELY worked.

Vivi said...

Lovelovelove the colors. And those shoes are nice! Great blog. Now following. :o)

Kristy said...

Wow, the dress I absolutely love! This is the kind of dress that can work all year long. The color is perfect for both warm and cold seasons. I love how the blue frilly scarf just stands out!:D

oomph. said...

yes, you absolutely made these colors work! those boots are fantabulous!! i want!

Peggy said...

Just checked out your remixes- they are all awesome! You are doing great! (I'm a fellow remixer!)