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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Struggling So Soon?

Day 2

Blouse- Zara
Belt- Target
Skirt- Joe Fresh
Shoes- DSW
Necklace- Present from Brianna

I will admit that only two days into the challenge I am already starting to struggle.  I was looking in the closet, and this time 30 items seamed to be so many items less than last time...but then I remembered that I still had 3 items left to finish making (2 of 3 are now done...yay!).

My sis-in-law was visiting, so I had her do my make-up...she will be posting more about that on her blog.  She did my eyes up super fancy, so I figured I better not wear something super casual.


Linda W said...

I noticed the make up right away. She did a beautiful job!

The Auspicious Life

Alessandra said...

Struggle, what struggle? I think you're doing just fine. Great outfit, beautiful make-up.

Collette Osuna said...

Totally think you are rocking this outfit hunnie!! the belted blouse and skirt print are awesome together!! I love this one.....and yes, add those missing items in, and you will be all set!!

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Kelly said...

Your makeup looks beautiful!

I love the print mix - if you're struggling I don't see it!

Taryn said...

Really loving your hair here. Looks beautiful. Well seeing as how youre beautiful its not hard for everything to fall into place and look great too!

Brianna said...

Well I think you look good, this blouse is always fantastic!

Jessica said...

Great pictures! I am so happy I found you, I love following fellow BC bloggers. I can't believe there is so much snow there and there isn't even a drop here. I live in Victoria.

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Ife' said...

what a lovely combination. I love the texture of your skirt mixed with the pretty floral top. A breath of fresh spring air against that snowy backdrop!

Kellie said...

Pretty makeup! I love mixed patterns.

silvergirl said...

hey there
found you thru Kendi's blog
love the two tops you have already worn
I know what you mean though about a bit of a struggle, but i think the more we do this the easier it will be! I am hoping that is the case

Lisa D. said...

This is a really interesting outfit, and I think my favorite thing about it is that if anyone else were wearing it, I would be thinking, "Hmm...I'm not sure about this." But it totally works for you! And your makeup looks gorgeous! =)

Melrose said...

you are insane for being outside in that shirt! it is awful pretty though.... your make up looks beautiful too!