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Friday, March 11, 2011

Kicking Up my Heels

Day Twenty Nine

Vest- Kohls
Tunic- Sirens
Belt- Joe Fresh
Jeans- Gap
Boots- BCBG

This top had hardly been worn before this challenge, so I had included it in my 30 items in order to force myself to wear it a bit more.  Turns out that was a great idea because I'm absolutely loving it now!

There's nothing better than wearing bright happy colours on cold winter days!


Lynzy said...

I adore your mixture of colors here, the belt is just the right touch ;)

Dawn said...

You are doing great...keep it going. I have not given up...I am still going to finish this too. You look great in every the braids in your hair...just adorable. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes.xo

Judy C said...

That is a fabulous top. The colors are fierce and a great harbinger of Spring.

Judy C said...
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Collette Osuna said...

LOVE the colors in your are almost done hunnie!!! Woot! So happy for you:)

Kick up those heels woman!

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Lisa Fergus said...

I agree about he bright colors needed on these winter days!!! Looks great!!

Kelly said...

I love this shirt so much - and it really does brighten up dreary winter days!

KellyAnn said...

love it - you look so bright against the snow! that top is fabulous, the vibrant colors must make you so happy when you're wearing it :) i gotta get my hands on a vest like that. you've done such a great job styling it during this remix, i'm convinced I need one. Kohl's here I come.

thank you so much for your comment on my post the other day. we'll be preggers soon, we just gotta be patient (i hate that!) It's nice to hear I'm not alone in my frustration. fingers crossed you'll add to your gorgeous family soon :)

Daphne said...

Very cheerful shirt. I just bought a similar style vest but in knit from Forever 21. Like this way of styling over a blouse. You have inspired me.

Jodi said...

love the splash of color in your top, especially against the backdrop of snow..!! cute!! xxo j

heidiluxe said...

i just found you a few days ago and i have been trying to find the time to peruse longer and to adequately comment! it looks like i'll never have that much time. but i really enjoy your blog. and i'm your newest follower. and i am most def going to fill out your fashionable mama questionaire. great idea!!! i wish i had seen earlier that you were looking for guest posters because i would have loved to do that too.
now i am just gushing.

LiLi said...

So this is how you wear those tippy vests... I think I need to revisit mine with a belt ;-)

Relatable Style

Brittney said...

oh, i'm loving this. utterly and absolutely--pink and lime green? perfect! but you keep it real with that natural vest. seriously, i'm very inspired. nice job! almost done!

Nav said...

What a beautiful post - I am loving the colorful top! I am a new follower of your blog. PLease come check out my blog and follow? its great to see canadian fashion bloggers! I am trying to gain some followers - once I reach 25 ppl following, I will do 30 for 30 challenge! on a second thought, I might even start before that. Thanks! :)