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Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring or Fall?

Sweater- Ross
Top- Costco
Skirt- Vegas Street Vendor
Tights- Aldo
Boots- Winners
Bangles- Aldo

I feel like this outfit would be perfect for Fall, but apparently it is Spring now (I say apparently because it's hard to tell with so much snow on the ground).

I really love the different textures in the outfit...the beaded waist on the skirt, the "mirror" circles on the skirt, and the lacey diamonds on my tights.


Lili said...

Ooh, I sure hope it is spring!! I could not stand a transition into fall right now :-D Except for... We would have late summer days now, right? ;-) But I like the outfit! The skirt is a great find.

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Rebecca said...

I love those colors. They do remind me of fall, but I think they work for spring too.

Judy C said...

That skirt is a treasure. It is so pretty. Your whole outfit is great. And don't worry. Spring will get here eventually. Probably 2 days before summer.

ithinkinpink said...

Very much fall! It does look like the sun is going to shine today (first time in a week) and I couldn't be more thrilled! I think I'm going to go plaster myself in YELLOW and PINK from head to toe!!

Kelly said...

With the weather the way it is, this look is perfect! I love the textures and the peek of those super fun tights! They almost look like peacock feathers!

Nav said...

Oh I know what you mean by spring or fall..i love this outfit. i love the skirt detail - such a beautiful the henna color.

rlutz said...

Such a beautiful how you mixed it with the pattern tights...such a cool necklace...great outfit!

Collette Osuna said...

LOVE the second pic of you......the background is gorgeous!!!

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Kastles said...

Tell me about it, there is so much snow still :(
Love the layered bangles.

<3 Kastles

silvergirl said...

really like this outfit
the skirt is adorable
i am with you on the lovely layers of texture used

A Fine Balance said...

I absolutely love your outfit!

Lisa Fergus said...

I love the color pallet here! Also would be amazing in fall!! Love year round looks!

Savannah said...

I love this outfit, every individual piece is so beautiful especially when put together!

Soccer Mom Style said...

You always look beautiful, but these photos are just simply gorgeous!!!! That rusty color sweater looks amazing on you and the lip color too! I don't blame you for wearing it in the spring. If I looked that amazing in those colors, I would wear them all year round!

Una said...

i really like your outfit !

KellyAnn said...

fabulous earth tones combination! that is such a fun skirt