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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Twinkle in my Eye

Day Twenty One

Blazer- Suzy Shier
Striped Cardi- Joe Fresh
Shirt- H&M
Scarf- Gift
Jeans- Gap
Boots- Spring

I don't know why I don't layer like this more often.  I absolutely love this look, and have admired similar looks on others for awhile now...but for some reason I never actually took the time to test out the whole layering thing...which is quite silly because living in the cold white north always requires extra layers!!

I totally didn't notice Brody in the picture below until my sister-in-law pointed it out on facebook.
As you can see he is in his (oh so stylish) high-vis sweater....everyday when he gets home from work I ambush him with the camera, and force him to take my outfit pictures.  That's what marriage is all about right??


Peggy said...

your hair looks sooo beautiful!

Ashley said...

That BLAZER is amazing and SOO are your shades! Cute Cute Outfit, Natasha! :)

Karen said...

You look stunning in this outfit!! I love the blazer!!