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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mode Moods: A Blogger Inspired Outfit

Ciao!  My name is Alessandra and I have a little blog called Mode Moods, a little place for the stories and moods behind my style.  I started posting outfits during Kendi's 30 x 30 remix challenge in November, but the part I really love about blogging is the writing, the storytelling. Not to mention, getting to know other great women from around the world and feeling part of a community.

I stumbled on Natasha's blog during my first remix and have been following her since, so I'm thrilled to guest post while she's away.

When it comes to my outfits, I dress according to the mood I'm in (or I'd like to be in!).  There is always some kind of story behind my outfits.

Obviously, magazines and stores are a source of inspiration.  But mostly, I am inspired by everything around me: I may hear a song like Nickelback's "Rockstar" and wear almost all black, a t-shirt and top it off with lots of leather and silver accessories.  Or I may read a book like "A Good School" and buy myself a Varsity cardigan.  Or I may see a movie like "Black Swan" and wear pastels and grays.

Instead, today I want to share an outfit inspired entirely by fellow bloggers.

First, the host of this blog.  Natasha rocks jeans especially with long tall boots like no other.  

So after a long jeans hiatus, I tried to style them as effortlessly as she does.

A lot of bloggers are a mission, a mission to inject more color into their style and I love their looks.  From Kileen of cute and little who started the Color Brigade (at least 3 colors in one outfit) to Hello, Monkey Face to From Suns to Moons to Watch Me Dress ....all of these women's colorful outfits make me smile.

So I tried to leave some of my beloved blacks and grays in the closet and earn some color points.  This cyan blue was an afterthought.  I first bought the top in beige.  I went home, scolded myself for playing it safe and went back to return it, swapping it for the blue.  

And then there are the gorgeous neutrals.  My neutrals guru is Dotty.  She even had a neutrals week recently - each of her outfits is soft and pretty.  Miss B. Gets Dressed also has a lovely collection of neutral cardis and jackets.  

So while I swapped the beige top, I know I needed this beige cardi is a classic addition to my closet.  

Well...what do you guys think of my all blogger-inspired outfit?  What other sources of inspiration do you have?

Thanks for reading and thanks to Natasha for the chance to guest post.

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