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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oomph: Tube Dress DIY

 hi everyone! i'm becks, the blogger behind oomph.
just a former shopaholic turned mom, adjusting to being stylish on a down-sized budget.
i originally started [oomph.] to accompany my small online store, as a means to show customers how to wear the items we sold. eventually, i incorporated pieces of my own wardrobe and found this blog to be a much needed outlet for my creative juices...a way to satisfy my fashionable cravings amidst motherhood and the daily 9-5 grind.

i'm fearless with a pair of scissors. at only 5'-2", i've always had to alter the length of my clothes. my skills aren't nearly as refined as natasha's, but with a needle and thread and some basic sewing skills, i've managed to hem my jeans, sew on missing buttons, and even throw together a simple dress or two.
i threw this simple tube dress together with a yard of fabric and some elastic. i originally hoped for a maxi skirt, but the fabric was too short.

wishing natasha and vyla lots of fun in the sun.
thanks for having me!

(dress, diy; blazer, rampage; shoes bcbg)

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