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Monday, May 2, 2011

Arizona: Neutrals Shine

Blazer: Calvin Klein
Tank- Winners
Shorts- Kohls
Shoes- Nine West
Watch- Kohls

This blazer is my most favourite purchases while in Arizona.  I found the suit (it came with pants as well) at Ross, the suggested retail price was $280, and I bought it on sale for $33.  I love everything about it, the neutral but shiny colour, the perfectly tailored darts, and most importantly the fact that it fits like a glove!

I've noticed lately that my outfits either consist of a lot of brights or else head to toe neutrals.  I guess I like to work both extremes!  I think the biggest reason for this is that when I have a bit of a tan those are the two different colour palettes that look the best on me.  Do you wear different colours when you have a tan?

It seems a bit weird that I'm still posting Arizona outfits considering I've been back in Canada for a few weeks now.  But trust me these outfits are way better than what I've been wearing for the past few weeks (skinny jeans and button down blouses pretty much everyday).

(The daytime version of this outfit)

PS. Canadians don't forget to vote today!!

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