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Friday, May 20, 2011

Canadian Cutie: Sarah

I'd love for you to meet the newest Canadian cutie Sarah!





Blog name:

A brief description of your blog:

Musings of an east coast ginger on style, fashion, crafting, and the art of being thrifty in the big city.

How long have you been blogging, and what made you start?

I am a newbie on the blogging scene I must admit. I put up my first post in December 2010, but didn’t start blogging consistently until the beginning of February 2011. I started because I wanted to join the fun, but also because my desktop was getting too damn cluttered and I needed a space to store all the things I came across that made me inspired. It’s like a infinite online mood board.

How would you describe your personal style?

Easy, Classic, Feminine but I love menswear! I will almost always be wearing at least one vintage/thrifted item. Love accessories!

Do you feel that you can relate better to fashion bloggers living in Canada? Or is there no difference?

I don’t feel much of a difference, however, I discovered that I stop looking at bloggers who live in warmer climates in the winter. I just can’t handle the jealousy! Plus I find it inspiring to see bloggers who are Canadian (or live in summer/winter climates) really take on the challenge of dressing for the season and making it work.

What are some of your favourite Canadian (only found in Canada) stores?

I am going to have to go with a fairly general answer and say local boutiques. Especially those who focus on carrying Canadian designers. Oh-and the Frenchy’s franchise from the east coast is pretty fabulous! You can practically get a whole new wardrobe for $20! Also, loving The Room at The Bay’s flagship store in Toronto.

What store do you wish would open up in Canada?

My wish was answered this year when HBC announced they bought the Canadian franchise rights to TopShop.

Do you have any favourite Canadian designers/fashion brands?

I love Erdem Moralioglu (Erdem). The Prints! His prints are stunning. I love how his collections usually use quite classic lines, but still feel modern and feminine.

Who would you consider a true Canadian Fashion Icon?

Yasmin Warsame. She has had a very successful career, after choosing quite the unconventional path, and despite becoming an international success she still maintains her home in Toronto. A stunning and gracious person.

Finish these sentences:

A person with true style is someone who...

Understands style is something personal. It cannot be bought, it is not a label, or a designer, it is creativity and something that comes from within.

My greatest fashion inspirations come from...

So many different places. I tend to find the most inspiration from the past. Vintage fashion and utility fashion. I love to look at what inspires different generations, young and mature alike.

The most cliché Canadian thing I enjoy/have ever done is...

I get really excited when it’s “Roll up the Rim” time of year! I also get really annoyed when spell check suggests that I take the U out of words like colour.

Aside from fashion blogging what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

What’s spare time? Kidding, sort of. I am also a jewelry designer for Ginger by Sarah May, a contributing writer to, and am currently in the process of starting a new business (can’t reveal what it is just yet!). I am also a bit of a thrifting/vintage maniac, so I can usually be found at Value Village or a vintage boutique searching for treasures! I also love to host a good old fashioned girl’s DIY brunch now and then!

Do you have any other random thoughts or interesting things you would like to share about yourself?

People always think my last name is my middle name. I tend not to correct them cause I kind of like it.

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Melrose said...

Sarah! Love your down to earth-ness and easy style.

Thanks Nat for continuing this great feature!