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Monday, May 16, 2011

Time to Train

Blazer- Suzy Shier
Blouse- Winners
Belt- Joe Fresh
Jeans- Gap
Shoes- Nine West

I have to say I absolutely love this colour combo, who would have thought that teal, coral and lime went so well together!

For some reason it seems like I'm always lacking in the words department when I write up my blog posts.  I never know how much "personal" information to share, and I can't talk forever about my outfit. 

Here's a personal tid-bit that I'm excited to share....I'm training to run in a half marathon in August!  This would come as a shock to everyone who knows me well because I've hardly exercised a day in my life.  Since moving to our new town I have made some great friends...and through our friendships we started exercising together...and now I'm training for a marathon!  Crazy, I know!

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