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Friday, June 3, 2011

Canadian Cutie: Nav

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Edmonton, Alberta
Blog name:

A brief description of your blog:

 Personal Style blog, 30X30 challenge outfits, tippy tuesdays (organization tips, beauty tips), book reviews, beauty product reviews, photo coverage of dance parties I hold.
How long have you been blogging, and what made you start?

 I started blogging since Jan 2011. I started because I got hooked to the blogworld by mistake. One of my dear friends started blogging for her business and from her blog, I somehow linked to a style blog and then it kind of exploded. It became my favourite past time and one day I decided to do my own one. I love it.
How would you describe your personal style?

 Hmmm personal style. I am still figuring that one out.....But so far I think I like to be trendy, comfortable, confident in whatever I choose to wear. I have alot of color in my closet and alot of accessories. I feel naked if I leave my house without jewellery whether it be neckalce or earrings.
Do you feel that you can relate better to fashion bloggers living in Canada?  Or is there no difference?

No, I dont have trouble relating to a blogger in Canada or in US/Asia or in Europe. Infact its great to see how people dress up differently across nations. Well, except when I see fellow Cnadian bloggers taking pictures out in the snow cold winters - I do get some inspirations from them much more than bloggers who live in warmer temperatures!

What are some of your favourite Canadian (only found in Canada) stores?

Ardene - for jewellery, scarves, hats and leggings.
Smart Set - for 9-5 pieces
Suzy Sheir - for jewwellery and casual sweaters and dresses!
Dynamite - for jeans and cardigans
Winners - for jeans, handbags and Jewellery
What store do you wish would open up in Canada?

Do you have any favourite Canadian designers/fashion brands?

I am not much of a fan of brands, although I do adore Rachel Sin and Joe Fresh styles.

Who would you consider a true Canadian Fashion Icon?

  Nina Dubrev

Finish these sentences:
A person with true style is someone who...: 

uses clothing, accessories as a mean to show their personality and appreciation for life regardless of caring for judgement by others
My greatest fashion inspirations come from...

Other style bloggers, style magazines, celebrities like Lauren Conrad <3
The most cliché Canadian thing I enjoy/have ever done is....

Helping a total stranger when they asked me for help because they were travelling and were on a time curnch to get somehwere. I went out of my way to help them and even took the train together to get them to the place they wanted to go. I know alot of canadians who are polite and we love to help!
Aside from fashion blogging what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I do Zumba, read books, magazines, stock other style blogs, cook, go for walks, hang out with family, friends and fiancee. 

Do you have any other random thoughts or interesting things you would like to share about yourself?

I am getting married in 10 months with the love of my life, Ryan! We dated for 3 years secretly before we told my parents. They wanted me to marry brown but I fell in love with a non-brownie. After going through a very long heck phase of negotiations with my parents and Ryan agreeing to learn to speak my native language, my parents agreed! Since it will a mixed marriage, we decided to do 2 seperate ceremonies. One sikh marriage in India and a Canadian one in Canada. I cannot tell you how exciting it is for me to shop for my wedding dresses!
I dont wear shorts, did as a kid, but not anymore
I can speak 5 languages - Hindi, English, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujrati
I am a classical trained dancer for 14 years
I LOVE blue color so much...too much that it annoys other people.
I am BIG sucker for sales - clothing, jewellery, shoes, bags, underwears, groceries, ANYTHING!
I love blogging! (my new hobby) - please stop by my blog.
and Last but not least: Required2BeInspired totally rocks!


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