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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sequined Tuxedo Stripe Pants DIY

A few months ago I had noticed some cropped pants in a magazine that had a stripe of sequins down each leg, I fell instantly in love.  I knew that it would be so easy to DIY my own, so when I finally managed to get to the City and buy some sequined trim (which just happened to be on major sale) I was ready to go!

Materials Needed
-Sequin Trim (enough for two leg lengths)
-Thread to Match
-Hand sewing needle


1. Lay your pants out so one side seam is facing up.  Fold under the top edge of the trim and pin it down to your pants on top of the side seam just below the waist band.  Lay out the rest of the sequin trip all the way down the side seam until you reach the hem, pin well.  Cut the trim so it's about 1cm (3/8") longer than the pants, fold the extra trim over the bottom and pin down. 

2.  Thread your needle and begin hand sewing.  I started at the top of the pants and worked my way down one edge of the sequins, and then went around and up the other side hand sewing the trim down along all 4 edges. 

I think I'm in love!  Next up I'm sequin striping some beige pants (with gold), and then some jeans!

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