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Friday, July 22, 2011

Briannas "My Five": Reasons Being a girl Rules!!

Hi, This is Bri from Shoes Are My Muse.  This year I graduated with a diploma in Fashion Apparel Technology and got a sewing job at a historical park, which I'm absolutely loving!  I started my blog after enjoying reading so many other peoples blogs, and thinking it would be a great creative outlet for my sewing projects and daily outfits.
Why Being A Girl Rules!!!!

1.    Shoes!

Although guys shoes have certainly come a long way, as far as I'm concerned they definitely get the short end of the stick when it comes to footwear choices! Seriously, girl shoes are brilliant no matter which angle you look at it, wedges, stillettos, feathers, jewels, studs, we get it all…..

2.    Girls Night

There's nothing better than going out with my lady friends, having some cocktails, and then going to check out the latest movie or dance the night away.

3.    Birthdays

When it comes to birthdays and the guys I know, a simple lets go for a beer, seems to suffice for them. I on the other hand typically think of something crazy and fun to do and make my friends do every year! I think being a girl helps me get away with this. Birthdays like convincing everyone to dress up for my 70's themed birthday party and going to the roller dome to bask in the dance music, disco balls and stinky roller skates.

(Can you spot Natasha and her Hubby Brody in this picture?)

4.    Undies

Boring cotton briefs? I think not! As girls it doesn't matter if we're lounging in the house in sweats and the beau's t-shirt or out in a new body conscious dress, it's the goods underneath that make every girl feel like a bad ass!

5.    Retail Therapy

Bad day = shopping, its as simple as that. Not to mention that as a girl I enjoy shopping as a recreational sport, enjoying the buzz and excitement that new fashions give me. Shopping is not a mission, not an in and out as if it's a timed event kind of deal, which I have tried to explain to my beau countless times…..

(Brianna left, Natasha right)

I hope you've enjoyed My Five


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