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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why I Love Thrifted and Self Made Fashion: By Danie

Hello, I'm Danie and I've made my blogging home over at No Guilt Fashion. I'm a part-time stay at home mom, part-time dance teacher, stretching myself stylistically well on a budget.

My post today is inspired by one of Natasha's own posts. She mentions how she has been adding a lot of self-made pieces to her wardrobe. Of course, that means they have also made their way into her blog posts too. It made her question herself and you (her dear readers).
"The fact that I make so much of my clothes made me wonder if that keeps some people from wanting to read my blog.  I don't really know how to explain myself...but I know that people read/look at fashion blogs for different reasons....and some of these people might only be interested in looking at outfits that include items that they can go to the mall and buy."
Here is her own answer for reading style blogs.
"For myself I look at many blogs to be inspired by silhouettes, colour combinations, texture and print I'm hoping that it doesn't matter than many of the items I wear can't be bought at the mall, but the overall idea behind my outfits can be used as an inspiration."
This point of view was echoed in the comment section by many of her readers, including myself.  
I love thrifted and self-made fashion, because, it sets you apart from the rest of the style pack.
I was talking with another one of my blogging friends on Twitter, about blogs that focus entirely on one store. We agreed that not only do these types of blogs feature clothing that is completely out of most people's price range. They end up looking more like walking advertisements for the store they chose to feature than having an organic style. Now, don't take me wrong. Many of these stores/brands have wonderful pieces, and the bloggers look great. However, I just feel that for most people it is not realistic for them to do this.
This same thing can be said for those that shop at the mall. We've all seen it happen, blogger after blogger snags the same popular piece of clothing. The "It" item of the month. Now these items are often styled differently by each person, and I think that is great. I love seeing new ways to style my wardrobe. I'm constantly being inspired by other bloggers, and I believe that is one of the wonderful things about this community. However, I don't go out of my way to buy these pieces that seem to be "Must Haves". Instead, I add the pieces I like to my list, and next time I'm headed out to thrift stores I keep my eye open for items that are similar to these pieces. Sometimes, you have to broaden your horizons a bit to see how you could alter or adjust pieces to reflect your goal.
I usually feel really good about myself in thrifted pieces. Not only am I helping items find a new home, and at a bargain price that is kind to my wallet, I am usually wearing something that not everybody else is. This is an even bigger of a thrill when wearing something self-made. Unless you have the energy to make one of your new creations for all of your friends too; you are always wearing a one of a kind item. I don't personally have a lot of talent for making things myself. I actually don't even have a sewing machine, but I may be getting my mother in-law's sewing machine. I may be teaching myself to sew, and creating a few unique pieces for myself soon. Instead, I've made lots of little adjustments to things I already have, or thrift. For an example, I really wanted a pair of brightly colored shorts to wear this summer. I didn't find any while thrifting, but I did find this pair of khaki Bermuda shorts that I dyed and cuffed to fit my desire.
Why do you like shopping at thrift stores? Do you have the talent to make self-made fashion? Is your wardrobe filled with these bargain treasures?
Thanks for reading my guest post today. Please take a second to visit me at No Guilt Fashion.

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