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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Girls Night

Dress- H&M
Belt- Winners
Shoes- BCBG

On Brianna:  Find Out Here

How cute are the details on Briannas dress??  I LOVE the back...I fully intend on copying the low back/bow details in a future design!

Because I live in such a small town I have to take full advantage of fashion freedom while I'm in a City. Where I live this dress would only be appropriate for a fancy occasion, but in the City it worked great for Dinner with the girls (Brianna and Vyla of course).

I bought this belt about a year ago while shopping with Brianna in Calgary, and this is only the second time I've worn it (the first was a few days ago).  For some reason it didn't work with anything I had tried, and then I gave up on trying.

I had discovered this outfit a few weeks ago while getting ready to go to a turned out to be much too dressy for the occasion so I ended up changing, but I made sure to pack it for my trip to Edmonton because I knew it would be my best opportunity to wear it.

I always find that I have so many great outfit ideas, but not the right occasions to wear them.  I try to make my own occasions, but that doesn't work all the time!

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