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Friday, August 12, 2011

Heidi's "My Five": Random Things

my name is heidi and my blog is! my blog started out as a place for me to vent and has evolved into a place where i talk about personal style and a whole host of other topics. nothing is off limits. i like to share funny stories and my opinions on everything under the sun. it's a really random collection of thoughts and observations. it works for me.

since i have such a random blog, i thought i would do my top 5 random things that i really really like. in no particular order:

1. beauty rush lip gloss from victoria's secret. i'm not the biggest make-up aficionado, but when i find something i like, i rave about it and i stick with it. this lip glosssmells great, tastes great, stays on forever and was the best gift EVER from my mother-in-law.

2. edith head, the dress doctor- my fascination with glamourous style began with this gem of a book that a neighbor gave to me on a whim. it is my style bible. it's the memoir of premier costumer, edith head. the book is full her personal experiences creating fashion for the golden age of hollywood and details on how to dress. i still reference what to wear to special occasions by this book. i wish everyone else did too. it was first published in 1959 and i first read it as a 10 year old and i find it still completely relevant today.

3. black tights- i'm a skirt girl. i love them year round, but in winter for protection from the elements, i like to don a pair of opaque black tights with heels. they make be feel like i am part style maven, part catwoman.

4. britney spears stronger- i'm always on the lookout new running music. i can't run without audio motivation. probably my favorite running song of all time is stronger by britney spears. say what you want about my girl britney, but i run like a gazelle for those 3 minutes and 37 seconds. oftentimes there is also some air punching involved. britney is a mother of 2, i'm a mother of 2. we're practically twins.

5. thrifting- i thrift because i love a good deal. simple as that. it's fun and relaxing. i don't thrift with purpose, i thrift with an open mind. like shopping yoga. zen is a complete outfit that cost less than $10.

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