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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It "Goes", Right?

Blouse- Winners
Belt- Zara
Skirt- Self Made (Instructions)
Shoes- Aldo

I was very excited, but also nervous when I found out that this months EBEW was pattern mixing.  It's a trend that I usually admire from afar, but rarely try myself.  I have mixed patterns a few times, but usually it's done subtly with an accessory.

Everybody, Everywear </P>
<P>Pattern Mixing

I figured that the safest way to mix prints was to use stripes as my base pattern (treating it like a neutral) and then adding a print that would match the colour of the stripes. 
I thought I did well, but my hubby strongly disagreed.  I tried to explain to him that the challenge was to mix prints, so the whole point was to NOT match, just "go"...but he felt quite strongly that it still didn't "go". 
I started to question my styling abilities, so I took a picture of my outfit, emailed it to Brianna, and with-in minutes it was confirmed that this outfit totally worked. 
Of course that only leaves the votes at 2-1, so I certainly hope that everyone (minus Brody, unfortunately) can agree that this "goes".

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