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Friday, August 26, 2011

Jen's "My Five": Favourite Cruelty Free Beauty Products

As the founder of My Beauty Bunny, a cruelty free beauty blog, I often get asked which products are my favorite. The wonderful thing about beauty products is that there is always something new coming out, so I never have to stop finding new products to love! Here are 5 of my current beauty obsessions. 

Non-toxic nail polish that comes in rad colors, is vegan, and is not tested on animals? Yes please! Scotch is long lasting, contains no toxins (like formaldehyde, toluene, heavy metals and all those other unpronounceable things) and it actually lasts. Definitely a contender alongside those other big nail polish brands. And you gotta love names like "Kilt Lifter!" 

Red Hot Makeup Eyeshadow
Red Hot Makeup is a cruelty free brand with a sexy side. The baked eyeshadows are very affordable and high quality. They are highly pigmented, but use them with a wet brush and wow! Super saturation. I never thought I could wear spring green eyeshadow, until I tried Red Hot Makeup's "Playgirl." I paired it with coral lipstick and a bit of coral blush for a beautiful, fun look that brought me lots of compliments.

Beautisol Self Tanner
I had a mortal fear of self-tanner until I tried Beautisol's All Seasons Glow. I always thought I'd end up looking like a streaky, orange oompa loompa with self tanner, but not with Beautisol. It's easy to apply, doesn't stink and doesn't streak. All Seasons Glow is a good starting point for girls and guys (I even used it on my boyfriend) who are fair-skinned or just starting to use self tanner. If you want a darker, golden brown, they also have a darker tanner called Summer Glow. They have just come out with an application mitt that makes applying the product even easier.

IT Cosmetics Eyebrow Pencil
I've tried so many eyebrow products (expensive ones too) and now that I've found IT Cosmetics Brow Power, I don't think I can use anything else. The beauty of this pencil is the ratio of wax to color - it goes on looking completely natural. If you press harder, you'll get a darker color, so you can layer it on until it looks the way you want. The other cool thing is that blondes, brunettes and raven-haired girls can use the same pencil  - just press harder for a darker look (not sure about redheads though - you may need a brighter color if you have flaming red hair). Oh - and the formula helps with hair follicle health - so you're actually helping to grow hair in the sparse areas of your brows. How cool is that?

Wet N Wild
Beauty on a budget. Wet N Wild is an oldie but a goodie. Did you know the brand is cruelty free? Yes! And the formulas are surprisingly high quality. Some of my favorite eyeshadow has been from Wet N Wild and I have tried them all! They have come out with some new lip tints, lip glosses and natural lip shimmers that I really like. You know when you buy really cheap cosmetics, they often smell well…cheap. Waxy. And they don't last. Wet N Wild products are not like that. And you can get them at your local drugstore.

Jen Mathews is the founder of My Beauty Bunny - a cruelty free beauty blog for men and women who want to discover the best in beauty products that have not been tested on animals.

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Pop Champagne said...

lovely post! aww I have a pet bunny myself so I am loving the site haha. btw nice to meet another canadian on blogspot :D