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Monday, August 8, 2011

Pink Pants

Blouse- Winners
Pants- Self Made
Shoes- Nine West
Watch- Kohls

Some days I have no idea what to say about my I will just state the obvious.

I'm wearing hot pink cropped pants...

As some of you already know I am currently training for a Half Marathon which takes place Sept 11.

I figured it was time for a minor update on how that's going.
My training schedule got thrown off a bit due to a foot injury, then a knee injury, then holidays.  I thought I was starting to get way off track with little hopes of actually being ready in time, but yesterday I ran 15k with a friend, and completed with no new injuries!  We intended to run only 14k, but due to poor watch reading and a GPS/Pedometer that didn't want to work we ended up running a whole kilometer more.

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Lisa Fergus said...

adore this look! just darling!