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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tie Shoulder Tank DIY

This DIY project is perfect for everyone!  As long as you know how to sew a straight line and tie knots you will be able to make this shirt.

What You Need:
-1 yard(ish) Knit Fabric (can be done with woven also, but you would have to either finish the edges, or just let it fray)
-Thread to Match
-Sewing Machine
-Tank Top to Trace
-Measuring Tape


1.  Measure around your chest and add about an inch to that measurement.  Measure across your fabric (the way that your fabric has the greatest amount of stretch) the same amount you just measured.  If you want you can cut you fabric so that it's this width all the way up now, or else wait until you have finished step 3.  Fold it in half from the edge to this point, then fold that amount in half again. (Shown in the first picture)

2.  Take your tank top and fold it in half along the front.  Line up the front fold of the tank along the first fold line you made.

3.  Cut out the shape for the top of the tank top as shown.  You want to add an additional 10" to the top of your straps.  Cut a straight line at the bottom.

4.  When you un-fold the fabric (leaving it folded only in half) you should have something that looks like this (second picture above).

5.  You now have two edges that need to be sewn together.  Fold your tank so that the "pretty sides" of the fabric are together, and sew the seam together.

6.  Now you will have a tube with 4 straps at the top.  I pulled on the top so that the seam was in the back, and then on one side I tied the back strap to the front strap in a double knot, and then repeated it on the other side.

This top was inspired by the blouse in SATC 2 pictured below.

The reason that I folded the fabric in half twice and then traced only half of my tank top was to keep everything symetrical, and the seam in the back.  If that's too complicated you can always just fold your fabric in half and then trace your tank top flat, but then you may have to put the seam to the side.  This is because usually the arm holes end up a bit deeper than the front and back head opening.

Of course if you have any questions feel free to email me!

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