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Thursday, August 25, 2011

What Would Carrie Wear?

Sequin Jacket- Gap
Tank- Winners
Jeans- Gap
Shoes- NineWest
Snake Watch- Kohls

Is it obvious that I felt very Carrie Bradshaw in this outfit?

She has a way of making pumps, skinny jeans, sequins and pleats look amazing (although maybe not all worn at once).

I think this outfit is a mash up of a few outfits she wore in SATC 2.  For one outfit she wore a white cropped blazer covered in sequins with jeans...and then she had a few fabulous pleated I just took a little from each outfit and mixed it all together.

The only real difference here is that the clothing budget for SATC 2 was 10 million dollars, while my outfit only cost me $110.

A lot of money could be saved if they hired me as the stylist for the next movie!!!

Just a though....