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Friday, September 23, 2011

Isabel Marant Shoes DIY

Lately I have been obsessing over shoes that have contrasting toes and/or heels.

When I saw Krystal from This Time Tomorrow wearing this outfit I immediately fell in love with her Isabel Marant shoes.  I knew I wanted a pair exactly like them...but didn't feel like spending a few hundred bucks on them...this meant it was DIY time!

Materials and Supplies Needed
-Pair of black pumps (Found mine at Zellers for $20)
-Heavy Cream Fabric (I used wool)
-Tissue Paper
-Sewing machine and thread (optional)
-Mod Podge (Outdoor works best)
-Paint Brush
-Clothes Pins (Optional)
-Black Faux Leather

1.  I made a pattern for the cream fabric by tracing around my shoes onto tracing paper, I just left out the toe and the heel.  I cut out my paper pattern and then "tried it on" over my shoe to make sure it fit well.  I ended up having to made a few adjustments before I had the perfect fitting pattern.  You will likely need to add a seam somewhere for the fabric to fit right.  If you have a sewing machine add a 1cm seam allowance where you will be sewing the pieces together.

2.  Cut out your pattern(s) (mirror images) twice out of the cream fabric.

3.  Sew together the seam and press it open and trim it back.  (If you didn't put in a seam you can just glue the pieces on separately, lining them up at the edges)

4.  Use the paint brush to apply a thick layer of mod podge to only the front half of the "wrong side" of the fabric.  Line up the fabric over the shoe and press down.   

5.  Continue gluing and pressing the fabric down until the whole piece is attached.  I used clothes pins to help press down the fabric and glue at the seam line (because it's a bit bulky).

If you don't want an ankle band you can stop at this step, I did make the band so that it isn't actually attached to the shoe so that you always have both options!

6.  Cut out two narrow strips from your faux leather approximately 2" wide and 26" long (or enough to wrap around your ankles a few times & tie), taper both ends of each strip to a point.  To wear them just wrap each band around your ankles a few times and tie then ends in a double knot...easy peasy!

All Done!

Feel free to email me with any questions.
  And please let me know if you try this!

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