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Monday, September 26, 2011

Poor Planning

Blazer- H&M
Blouse- Winners
Necklace- Present from Bri
Ring- F21
Watch- Kohls
Velveteen Skinnies- Kohls
Shoes- Nine West

Last weekend I had a BBQ dinner to attend with my Hubby, and then later a jewelry party to go to with friends that same night.

I found out that the BBQ was going to be outside, and since it was starting to get cooler out I figured that pants and a blazer would be my best choice for transitioning from both events.  I knew I would be a little over dressed for the BBQ, but I wouldn't (or didn't think I would) have time to change between events.

It turns out that at the BBQ there was a bonfire, and the weather was a little chilly, so the only way to keep warm was to sit by the fire.  Had I known that I would not have worn this outfit!  I now have soot from the fire on my blazer, and I ended up stinking like bonfire at the jewelry party.  But all in all it was a good time at both events....I guess it was just poor planning on my part!

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