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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Of Course I Have DIY to Wear!

Sweater- Joe Fresh
Blouse- Winners
Necklace- Joe Fresh
Shoes- Sears
Bangles- Aldo, Dollar Story and DIY

Once again this months Everybody Everywear challenge is right up my alley...wearing something DIYed.
This skirt is a project I came up with last year, and have since made three others from these instructions.
I DIYed my bracelet by following instructions on making a friendship bracelet, but I substituted ribbon for embroidery floss.

I was so excited to find this sweater on clearance for $6 last week because I am loving the look of layered chunky knits, along with bright colours for Fall/Winter!

I hope you are working on a  DIY project for Old to New in October to be posted Thursday!

PS.  Happy Birthday to the two loves of my life....Brody and Vyla!!!

Here they are two years ago.

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chillairandperfume said...

A beautiful fall outfit!