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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Old to New in October: Boots to Shoes

Once again it's time to link up this weeks Old to New in October project with myself and Kimberly!

This week I finally had more time to work on my project...and I am so excited to share it with you!  Although this project may look time consuming/difficult, it totally wasn't!

Do you have a pair of boots like this at home collecting dust at the back of the closet?  Ya, I'm pretty sure many people do (unless you were smart, and realized a long time ago that this style is not the most flattering).  I do know for a fact that Brianna doesn't, because I remember about 5 years ago, her making fun of square toed boots and how ugly they were...and I was cringing because I had a pair in my closet, and I kinda thought they were cute! haha

To start off I zipped up my boots, and cut them off following the stitcing line around the foot.

Look how much better they look already!

Next I took some tracing paper, and traced a pattern of each side of the shoe from the center seam to the back seam.

I added seam allowance to the center back (for sewing), the top (for turning under), and the center front (for sewing).

Then I cut out my patterns from some faux pony hair animal print fabric.

I sewed my pieces together at the center front and center back.

Then I took some rubber cement (or shoe glue) and glued my fabric onto the shoe, starting from the front of the shoe working to the back, always lining up the bottom of my fabric with the edge of the sole.

I had to make clip in with my scissors around the front shaped part of the shoe so that I could turn it under and glue the top edge down into the shoe.

Repeat for both shoes!

I think this project maybe took an hour and a half total...easy peasy!  And now I have a very on trend pair of shoes!

I bet Brianna's really wishing she had bought into the square toe boot trend all those years ago!

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Dandy-Doll said...

Cool animal printed shoes :)