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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Old to New in October: Sequined Heel Booties

I have to admit I'm a little sad that today is my last Old to New in October project...I had so much fun re-vamping the boring things in my wardrobe!
I'm so glad that Kimberly and I were able to share such a fun idea with everyone!

Once again I chose to refashion a pair of boots.

First I un-zipped the boot, and cut off the shaft so I was left with a bootie.

Next I glued on some trim around the top edge to cover up the raw edge.

Then I traced a pattern of the heel onto tracing paper, cut out some black mesh fabric from the pattern and went a little crazy sewing on sequins.  For more details on sewing the sequins check out this DIY Project.

Next I glued the sequined piece to the heel of my shoe, I cut off any loose edges of fabric, then I glued the decorative trim around the top and bottom edge.  If I wasn't so lazy I would have filled in more sequins around the edges of the heel instead of glueing the trim around.

This was definitely a more time consuming project...I actually started it a few months ago, and then kept putting off finishing it.  The Old to New in October Challenge was just what I needed to finish this project!

Don't forget that by linking up your project you have a chance to win some great prizes from Anika Burke!!

- First place (most creative/wearable judged by myself, Kimberly and Anika Burke): $20 credit to PLUS the Elegant Rose flower bracelet and two matching accessories!

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