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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Old to New in October: Shiny Sleeves

Remember the Old to New in October project I'm hosting with a little bit of this that I've been bugging you guys about all week?  Well today's the day to show off your first refashion project!

I hope everyone had fun with their refashions this week!  I will admit that I had to keep my first project rather simple because I seemed to have a lot going on this week.  Sometimes a quick project is all it takes to spruce up a boring piece of clothing though.

For this project I took a basic t-shirt and made it much more fun!

First I cut off the sleeves, being sure to keep the arm hole seam allowances intact.

Then I took some shiny gold stretchy fabric, traced out my sleeve, and made it a few inches longer.

I cut out two sleeves from the gold fabric...sewed them in...and I was done!

Ok that's a bit of a lie...

This gold fabric is impossible to sew...I ended up having to sew over my stitches sooo many times because the metallic in the fabric caused the sewing machine to skip when I finally got both sleeves in I knew it would be impossible to hem the sleeves with the sewing instead I used some fabric glue to turn up the sleeves.  The glue actually worked much better than I thought it would and the hems turned out great!

So much for a boring t-shirt!!

I would love to see someone try this with sequined fabric...unfortunately I didn't have any.

Don't forget to link up your Old to New project to be entered to win a great giveaway at the end of the month!  If you didn't participate this week there are still three Thursdays left in October to join in!

Kimberly and I can't wait to see your projects!!
Have you seen the tunic she refashioned yet?  It's super cute!

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