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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stripes and Brights

Sweater & Blouse- Joe Fresh
Necklace- Present from Bri
Pants- Kohls
Shoes- DIYed

This is almost the same colour combo as yesterday...can you tell I'm loving brights with olive and layering blouses under sweaters?

This week has been crazy, I haven't even started my Old to New in October project for tomorrow yet...let hope Kimberly isn't in the same boat as would be good if at least one of us was on top of things!
I'm going to get working on my project right now!  I have so many ideas, and lots of supplies, but the problem has been finding the time!

1 comment:

Emma said...

LOVE this outfit! The shoes match well with the top, and the pink really pops against the neutral colors in the rest of your outfit. And the statement necklace? Swoon.

To answer your question, I found the pattern (it was more of 1-2-3 instructions than an actual pattern) for the convertible dress on a couple other blogs...I didn't make it. I'll be sure to include the links when I do the tutorial!